Botanical Art

The Botanical Illustration Program


he Botanical Illustration program at Virginia Robinson Gardens began under the direction of one of the most prominent botanical art teachers in the world, Anne-Marie Evans. Anne-Marie is largely responsible for the renaissance of botanical art in the twentieth century. Her commitment to the Virginia Robinson Gardens as a teacher over the past 18 years has been a tremendous gift.

Additionally, we have been honored to have botanical art teachers from Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the USA teach specialized courses throughout the years.

We have begun the creation of a Florilegium at the Virginia Robinson Gardens to permanently document, through the ancient art of botanical illustration, the plant collections of this historically significant garden.   There are now 5 original watercolor paintings in our Florilegium. Two of these paintings were commissioned from renowned international teachers who have taught at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. The fuchsia was painted by Margaret Best from Canada and the steely-blue hydrangea by Elaine Searle from England. Three of the watercolor paintings were chosen and donated by Anne-Marie’s student’s – the wisteria by Suz Landay; the Coral tree by Cristina Baltayian, and the exquisitely depicted semi-double pink camellia that is Virginia Robinson’s namesake painted by Barbara Jaynes.