The estate is available for both commercial and non-commercial still photography shoots, Tuesday through Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.—including set up and breakdown time. We close at 4pm so all persons and equipment must be gone from the premises by 4pm.

Parking is limited so carpooling is necessary. All vehicles must be able to clear an 8’x 8‘ archway. Parking is prohibited on surrounding residential streets (Elden Way)

Sorry, no political, religious, social events or motion picture filming allowed.

Please email or call (310) 550-2087 to make a reservation.


  • Booking the venue is based upon availability.
  • All rentals must have at least a 3 week lead time.
  • Prior to booking the venue you must make a scouting appointment.

Commercial Photography

  • Requires a FILM LA permit
  • We only allow for a crew of 25 and vehicles such as trailers/vans much be able to fit through an archway that measures 8’ x 8’ or must use or auxiliary parking area.
  • Click here for Commercial Shoot Guidelines

Non-Commercial Photography