We invite you to become a Virginia Robinson Gardens volunteer!


et your hands dirty in the Gardens! There are always pruning, digging, transplanting and clean-up jobs to be done. Learn what goes into the creation of a lavish, sup-tropical garden. Due to its scope, maintaining the estate’s iconic features is a group effort.

Getting your hands dirty is not the only way to volunteer! Our tours are conducted by a team of specially trained guides. During instructor training, you will learn the history of the estate, as well as how to direct a group through the wondrous experience of exploring Mrs. Robinson’s world. Special training is offered for children’s docents.

Volunteering at the Virginia Robinson Gardens is a great way to meet new people, a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, and the perfect solution to regularly enjoy the Gardens.

For information on becoming a Garden Volunteer or Tour Guide, please email to visit*robinsongardens.org or call (310) 550-2087.