Reduce Water While Beautifying Your Garden

Learn how to use water responsibly while beautifying your landscape at one of Virginia Robinson Garden’s FREE Workshops - Reduce Water While Beautifying Your Garden. This fall, our very own VRG member, Debby Figoni, City of Beverly Hills’ Water Conservation Administrator - will be teaching simple, beneficial, and effective ways to save water and reduce your water bill while keeping your garden healthy and vibrant.

Please attend one of her 1.5-hour fun and fact-filled classes and learn what you can do at home to keep you on top of your gardening game. Invite your friends, neighbors, and fellow gardeners to join in this win-win-win workshop!

Debby will be teaching in three different locations around Beverly Hills for your convenience. To RSVP, please email info@robinsongardens.org to specify your date and location. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

For more information, please call Virginia Robinson Gardens
(310) 550-2068.

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The House and Gardens of Virginia & Harry Robinson

Written in 2011 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the estate, this enchanting book details the history and architecture of the Beaux-Arts house and garden as well as telling many captivating stories about the Robinson family. Inside, find a rich archival history of the Robinsons with historic photographs and the work of renowned contemporary photographers Tim Street-Porter and Salli MacAller. Included are photos, floor plans, and in-depth lists of the trees and flora located on the property. Get lost in the pioneering spirit of the Robinsons as they “accidentally" discover their property at 1008 Elden Way and begin their lives together in what was to become the first estate of Beverly Hills.

A must-have for garden lovers everywhere!

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