2016 Spirit of Beverly Hills Award Joni Smith

The Friends of Robinson Gardens will present the Spirit of Beverly Hills award to Joni Smith at the 2016 La Dolce Vita Patron Gala on October 1, 2016

The Spirit of Beverly Hills award is given annually by the Friends of Robinson Gardens to an individual who, like Mrs. Robinson, has a deep commitment to community, cultural, and charitable causes.

 In her day, Mrs. Robinson was deemed the “First Lady of Beverly Hills” because she championed and cared about social and cultural causes.  Joni Smith is a woman of today, who embodies those same commitments through her work as one of Los Angeles’ most prominent community and philanthropic leaders.

Joni makes a difference through her tireless efforts. She serves on the Music Center Board of Directors, the Board of Art Center 100, the Blue Ribbon Board and the Council of the Library Foundation Board. She has served as Chairman of the Costume Council of LACMA, Chairman and President of the Blue Ribbon, Founding President of the Council of the Library Foundation, President of the Diadames and Founding President of the League for Children among many others.

In her commitment to the cultural vitality of her native Los Angeles, Joni has worked tirelessly as a fundraiser for children’s causes as did Virginia.  Joni continues to be active in the Blue Ribbon of which Virginia was a founding member.

Joni and her husband Clark visited Robinson Gardens when they attended Mrs. Robinson’s legendary parties.  Since Mrs. Robinson’s incredible donation of her house and gardens to the County of Los Angeles, as its westside botanical garden, Joni has supported the Gardens by attending its events promoting its historic preservation.

Post by Ricki Ring, Leslie Kavanaugh, and Maralee Beck
Friends of Robinson Gardens members

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