2018 Friends of Robinson Gardens Membership Luncheon

Left to right, seated: Lori Gordon, Natalie Gordon, Luke Anderson, Jane Rascoff. Left to right, standing: Linda Freund, Ilona Sherman, Marci Malakouti, Holiday Maginnis, Josh Flagg, Lara Roman

On a lovely sunny day of October 5th, the Friends of Robinson Gardens warmly welcomed many new members at the annual Membership Luncheon at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. A wonderful addition to our group, the 19 new members are: Laura Coleman, Luke Anderson, Rachel Ault, Lara Roman, Debbie Figoni, Josh Flagg, Holiday Maginnis, Marci Malakouti, Jane Rascoff, Natalie Gordon, Lori Gordon, Brooke Knapp, Jenet Grant, Ilona Sherman, Linda Freund, Bea Torrado-Ridgley, Susan Finkleman, Mary Hampson and Natalie Feeny. After a brief orientation, Superintendent Timothy Lindsay gave those in attendance a tour of the Gardens, and they then mingled with the rest of the attendees.

An Asian theme permeated the festivities. Co-chairs Betty Goldstein and Lynn Whitaker placed coral fans on a symphony of pink, fuchsia, and peach hued tablecloths. Kerstin Royce and President Patti Reinstein, with the help of Andrey Yun, arranged gorgeous Ikebana centerpieces on the tables. The pretty scene was further enhanced by fortune cookies with custom Robinson Garden-inspired quotes inside them such as: “You will feel like a Queen in our King Palm Garden;” “Everything will come up roses for you at Robinson Gardens;” and “You will meet many new Friends at Robinson Gardens.”

Betty and Patti thanked everyone for coming and introduced, to much applause, our past Presidents: Founder and first President Joan Selwyn, Jeanne Anderson, Kerstin Royce, Marian Power, Adrienne Horwitch, Ellisa Bregman, Claudia Deutsch, and Debra Shaw. Our wonderful President Patti extolled the beauty and serenity of the Gardens and encouraged everyone to volunteer and give of their time to benefit the restoration and renovation of Virginia Robinson Gardens and “near and dear to everyone’s hearts, the Children’s Outreach Program.”  Patti added, “Anytime you give to us, it’s a gift, and a gift to you as well because the feeling of well-being and happiness while you are here cannot be matched anywhere…We are all part of this grand scheme in keeping this beautiful place alive and well.” Patti then welcomed everyone to the buffet.

Caterer Joe Monteferante outdid himself with a tantalizing Asian-inspired luncheon. Guests feasted on Thai noodle salad, a snow pea salad, toasted bamboo rice, salmon with ginger plum glaze, and chicken satay skewers. A refreshing lime sorbet and Chinese mango pudding completed the delicious repast. New member Linda Freund was the lucky winner in a raffle of a glorious flower arrangement, designed by Andrey, that decorated the luncheon table.

A big thank you to our terrific co-chairs Betty and Lynn for arranging such a delightful and festive membership luncheon for all to enjoy!

Post and photos by Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

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