Tripping: Nine Best Hidden Gems in Los Angeles Hidden Gems in Los Angeles


With perennially warm weather, pleasant landscapes, and a reputation for glitter and elegance, Los Angeles, California attracts thousands of visitors daily. - Virginia Robinson GardensHowever, aside from the famous landmarks, the city is packed with lesser-known points of interest. Nearby most Los Angeles vacation rentals are marvelous scenic vistas, lovely parks, eclectic museums, and exciting recreational spaces. Without further ado, here are the most exciting hidden gems in the city of Los Angeles.

3. Virginia Robinson Gardens

The lovely Virginia Robinson Gardens are located on the Virginia Robinson Estate in Beverly Hills. Built in 1911, it is the first estate ever created in the Beverly Hills area. The five incomparably beautiful garden areas include a rose garden, a tropical palm garden, a formal mall garden, an Italian Renaissance terrace garden, and a kitchen garden with herbs and vegetables. The county of Los Angeles offers guided tours of the elegant grounds by appointment only. The tours include a look at the gardens, the pool pavilion, and the artwork and artifacts within the mansion.

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