5 Beautiful Botanical Gardens To Visit In L.A.



There’s no better feeling than taking a breath of fresh air at one of L.A.’s beautiful botanical gardens…

It’s easy to forget how green Los Angeles can be until you stumble upon a beautiful reminder. The city is filled with all sorts of stunning trees, thriving plants and colorful flowers… you’ve just got to find them.

If you’re in search for more green in your life, and we’re not talking the 21+ plus kind, you should stop by one of the city’s most forgotten treasures. We’ve gathered a list of five of the most beautiful botanical gardens to visit in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Virginia Robinson Gardens

Experience a world of luxury and privilege at this beautiful estate once owned by the Robinson family of the Robinson department store! In addition to plants and galore, visitors can explore a mansion and pool pavilion to truly encompass the Beverly Hills lifestyle.

Location: 1008 Elden Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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