A Tribute to Harry the Cat

Harry was always waiting for you on the kitchen terrace. Weaving between your legs with a straight tail and a slight curl at its end was a sign of his fondness for you. Friends, staff, volunteers, and children couldn’t resist Harry’s meowing. He would always be by your side to help in the garden, but he expected rubs and hugs first. A keen eye, great hearing, and a strong sense of smell kept Harry in tune with his surroundings.

We lost our dear cat, Harry. He was a strong & brave guardian of the Gardens and worthy of being its mascot. But more importantly, he was an unending source of love, a daily inspiration, and a living being with a heart of gold.


Post, photo, and video by Josh Johnston
Grounds Caretaker of the Virginia Robinson Gardens

11 Responses

  1. Krista
    | Reply

    Sweet Harry is so missed! Really loved his welcome

  2. sue b glidewell
    | Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about poor Harry…. I know he was loved by many and will be greatly missed.

  3. Lynn Whitaker
    | Reply

    This was Harry’s home – we only got to visit. I’m so saddened to learn of his death. RIP, dear Harry.

  4. Catherine
    | Reply

    What a beauty-so sorry to hear this.

  5. Kathleen Luckard
    | Reply

    Thank you for the video. I miss Harry so much.

  6. Marcella Ruble
    | Reply

    I am so sad to learn about the loss of such a great soul.

  7. Jodi Stine
    | Reply

    We are all so, so, so sad to hear about Harry! We will think of him fondly and will miss our backyard “Harry sightings”. He was an amazing cat and lucky to have such an incredible home such as the RG. RIP Harry

  8. Adrienne Horwitch
    | Reply

    Harry was the only cat I ever liked. I loved his friendly greetings, his proprietary wanderings around the Garden and watching him waiting to pounce on a smaller creature. He was an education in nature himself, and I will really miss him!

  9. Bernice Balson
    | Reply

    The love And loss of your beloved Harry, Leaves a void and the sweet Remembrance of beautiful memories

  10. Sue Fado
    | Reply

    Dear Josh, My heart aches for you with the loss of Harry. I was at the Gardens when Harry came to live with all of us, what wonderful memories, he was the best. Take care

  11. Kate Oakland
    | Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about Harry’s passing. It was so much fun having him as a tour tagalong. The visitors loved seeing him out and about. We will all miss him so much.

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