A Walk in the Garden with Superintendent Diane Sipos

While spring is traditionally seen as the best time to visit the Gardens, there is something magical here in the dark of winter.  The leaves on the palm fronds glisten with early morning dew.  Walking through the Palm Forest on a grey, cloudy day, one feels enveloped in this tropical haven, underneath its natural “roof” of palm trees. There is a sense of being enclosed.  A sea of dormant Kaffir lilies blanket the ground, with scatterings of their bright red berries starting to show.  On a rainy day, the sound of the rain echoes in the Palm Forest.

From the top of the Italian Terrace Garden, showers not only bring much-needed water, but open up the sky with magnificent views of the Pacific and Catalina Island.   On a clear day after it showers, these views remind us why Virginia and Harry Robinson fell in love with this site when they first came upon it.

The Ginkgo tree just a few weeks ago in full bloom with its saffron-colored foliage adorning the limbs, is bare.  Many of the plants such as the marigolds, Mexican sage and acanthus are dormant.  Winter offers a sense of wonder as nature goes through its natural life cycle of growth and rebirth.  During this period as we wait for the coming spring when the garden will come into full bloom, we can marvel at its beauty in winter.

I wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2023!

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