Book Club Meeting on Walt Disney a Hit

Left to right: Co-chairs Patricia Cowett and Elaine Stein

Refreshed with delightful treats provided by co-chair Elaine Stein and Shelly Roth as well as with the assistance of Curator April Walton on behalf of the Gardens, the Tea, Scones & Garden Reading Group gathered on the Back Terrace of the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate on June 18, 2022. A lively discussion was enjoyed by all about the book Walt Disney: An American Original. As is becoming a common occurrence, we had several attendees with special memories to share of their connection with Walt Disney as trusted employees, contractors or devotees. (To read about Society member and participant Tanya Norris’ experiences, please click here.)

We explored Walt’s relationship with the field of animation as he juggled relations with a growing empire assisted by his brother Roy and Walt’s loyal spouse Lilian who was such a close friend of Virginia Robinson. We even at one point broke out in song with "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!" Walt’s devotion to excellence inspired us all!

Adding to the fun, co-chair Patricia Cowett asked questions about the book. The winners who correctly guessed the answers were awarded masks decorated with Disney characters!

At our next meeting in September, we will plan on discussing the Chandlers who not only so greatly influenced the development of Los Angeles but did so through philanthropy in which Virginia participated actively. The book title will be announced shortly. We always meet on the third Saturday of the month quarterly (September, December, etc.). Please join us!

Post by Patricia Cowett
Friends of Robinson Gardens member
Co-chair of the Tea, Scones & Garden Reading Group

Photos by Ron Stein and Patricia Cowett

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