Teachers and Children from Good Shepherd Battered Women’s Shelter Visit VRG

On October 3, 2023, the Friends of Robinson Gardens invited children and teachers from Good Shepherd Battered Women’s Shelter to a new modified Science Fair at The Virginia Robinson Gardens. Six children and six teachers came by their own transportation. Docent Chava Berber gave a tour of the gardens, where the children enjoyed using binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore. They all got an apple and were able to later toss the core in the gardens

Children’s Science Outreach Program

Our Children's Program has made some significant changes! Post-covid reports show that many children are still behind academically, especially in areas of low income. Educators are working extra hard to find innovative ways to teach their children and to keep them interested in learning. The Friends of Robinson Gardens team heard these requests and created a way to alter our "on-site" Science Program to create an "off-site" program to be delivered directly to the students and teachers.

The FRoG Semi-Virtual Science Program Delights School Children

The Friends of Robinson Gardens, although socially distanced, has not been idle. As the gardens have been quiet and missing the laughter of children taking the science tours, we decided to take the Science Program to the schools and to the children. Through a newly crafted, Semi-Virtual Program, lovingly called FRoG (Friends of Robinson Gardens Semi Virtual Science Program), we have accomplished that. The first of three units is Nutrition and Healthy Living. This program includes boxes for delivery to each child and the teachers. We have written it to focus on Grades 2-4 in Title One Schools and Group Homes.

6th Annual Children’s Science Fair

The 6thAnnual Children’s Science Fair took place on Friday, March 15, 2019.  Fifty children and their counselors from three different foster homes arrived eager to share in the day at Virginia Robinson Gardens.  In keeping with the Children’s Program and its goal to educate kids about the benefits of the garden, the theme this year was “Go Green — Fun Facts about Healthy Eating.”  Docents and Volunteers, dressed in green for St. Patrick’s Day, eagerly welcomed the children as they broke up into groups to begin their tour.

Starting with the Mediterranean Garden, the children wandered through the Italian Terrace, … Read More

5th Annual Children’s Science Fair

After a slight delay due to rain on our previously planned day, the 5th Annual Children’s Science Fair finally took place on Wednesday, May 9th.  Seventy children and 30 counselors from three different group homes arrived eager to share in the day at the Virginia Robinson Gardens.  In keeping with the Children’s Program and its goal to educate children about the benefits of the garden, the theme this year was “Eat Green- Fun Filled Facts About Healthy Eating!”

As the children arrived in the morning, a new friend to Robinson Gardens welcomed them. Rose Nielsen and her therapy dog, Blondie … Read More

The Chickens Always Come First

Friends and visitors have likely noticed that our beloved chickens no longer reside in the former monkey cage in the Kitchen Vegetable Garden. We’re happy to report that their desire to roam free and live out their years elsewhere was realized when we relocated them to a wonderful ranch near Bakersfield. As hens age, they thrive better in unfettered environments.

Thanks to one of our Friends, we were able to locate the Holt Ranch where they now happily reside. They graze green pastures, roost in the trees, and are once again laying eggs and enjoying free range living with countless … Read More

4th Annual Science Fair

The Friends of Robinson Gardens 4th Annual Science Fair

This year, our annual Science Fair, held Friday, March 17th, 2017, happened to fall on St. Patrick’s Day. Over eighty children and thirty five counselors from four different group homes attended Virginia and Harry Robinson’s estate for a day of fun, adventure, and education. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, small garden gnomes were hidden throughout the landscape for the children to find. It was a perfect way to infuse a bit of fun into our theme titled “Go Green!”

As the children arrived in the morning, they were divided … Read More

Children’s Summer Garden Party 2016

A Children’s Summer Garden Party at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

On Monday, August 29th, the Friends of Robinson Gardens hosted a preschooler’s picnic for children, parents, and grandparents of the Beverly Hills community to experience a day of exploration and fun that included a children’s tour and luncheon at the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate. The day offered visitors and friends of gardens the opportunity to experience a children’s tour “through the eyes of a child.”

“We started this four years ago,” said Jeanne Anderson, a Friends of Robinson Gardens member, “and the children loved it!” Jeanne added, “Games are organized … Read More

Children’s Science Fair Earth Day 2016

Children’s Science Fair on Earth Day at Virginia Robinson Gardens

On Earth Day, April 22, 2016, the Friends of Robinson Gardens invited children from group homes, together with their counselors, to a day of fun and education at the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate and the botanical gardens in the heart of Beverly Hills.

With the help of wonderful docents and volunteers, the children were introduced to the history, artifacts and exotic plants that Virginia and Harry Robinson had collected from all regions of the world.

Docent showing the children the sgraffito in the spandrels of the arches on the Pool… Read More


The Annual Children’s Science Fair at Virginia Robinson Gardens on April 22nd

Virginia and Harry Robinson did not have children of their own but doted on nephew Ted and a niece, Helen. Virginia was very philanthropic, and one of the charities she devoted much time to was the Orphanage Guild. Through that organization, she realized how many children were not so fortunate to have an aunt Gigi who lived on a fabulous estate.

Virginia started an admirable tradition of inviting children from group homes to Robinson Gardens for a Holiday party. The Friends of Robinson Gardens has for many years … Read More