An Afternoon with Tennessee Williams – Community Theatre Comes to Robinson Gardens

What is the first ingredient for an entertaining and stimulating afternoon at the historic Virginia Robinson Gardens?

You guessed it — Sebastian Galvez, in a one-man theatrical performance about the life and loves of the legendary author and playwright, Tennessee Williams. The performance was directed by Paul Sand, an award-winning actor, and Founder of the Santa Monica Public Theatre.

Sebastian Galvez captivated the audience as he drew them into the turbulent life, loves and relationships of the author.

The Pool Pavilion’s intimate room was the perfect setting to tell the story of William’s roller coaster success, and finally his accidental … Read More

Benefactors and Patrons visit Suzanne Reinstein for a Private Home Tour

Suzanne Rheinstein, renowned interior designer, and former Grand Marshal welcomed the Patrons and Benefactors of Robinson Gardens to a personal tour of her Georgian style home and stunning garden in Hancock Park

It’s a perennial pleasure to come into her kingdom… it does, in fact, feel like its own beautifully harmonious and intricately integrated world…and it was looking particularly wonderful this morning as we got a chance to examine things close-up, and to have Suzanne’s explanation of their provenance, as well as her truly illuminating narrative thoughts and reasoning about their placement and combinations.

It’s remarkable how innovative and individual … Read More

Virginia Robinson Gardens’ 2017 Holiday Open House

“How fantastic!” “How fabulous!” were some of the comments heard at the 2nd annual Holiday Open House on December 1 and 2, 2017 at Virginia Robinson Gardens. Last year, the Friends’ wonderful president Marian Power came up with the idea to hold a festive holiday celebration in the style of the 50s, in the spirit of Virginia who threw legendary parties. It was so successful that the event was expanded to two days, and the Holiday Open House has now become an annual tradition. Helmed by the incredible co-chairs Kathy Choi and Patty Elias Rosenfeld, the event was even more … Read More

Opera on the Great Lawn 2017

In the True Spirit of Virginia Robinson: Opera on the Great Lawn

A truly magical, balmy summer evening of music and dining was presented as “Opera on the Great Lawn” at the Virginia Robinson Gardens on Saturday night, June 24, 2017. Ann Petersen and her husband, Dr. Leslie Pam, graciously orchestrated the event to share their love of opera with the Friends of Robinson Gardens and guests. The magnificent voices of Ashley Faatoalia (Tenor) and Katherine Giaquinto Powers (Soprano) were accompanied by the brilliant musicians, Douglas Sumi on piano and Helen Zheng Altenbach, who played the cello. They performed a … Read More

Judy Polinsky Delicious Rose Flavored Desserts

Judy Polinsky’s Lecture: Delicious Rose Flavored Desserts

Everyone had so much fun at Judy Polinsky’s presentation on her beautiful book Delicious Rose-Flavored Desserts at Virginia Robinson Gardens. It was the perfect lecture so close to Valentine’s Day. Many guests wore red, and were perfectly charmed by our fascinating speaker. A culinary historian associated with the Huntington Library in San Marino, Judy focused on the use of rose water in Georgian baking in 18th century England.

In her book, the left hand page shows the original recipe, while the right hand page details the modern version. Because there was no leavening … Read More

Holiday Open House 2016

The First Annual Holiday Open House

The Friends of Virginia Robinson Gardens held their first Holiday Open House, thanks to President Marian Power who envisaged presenting this wonderful, festive holiday celebration in the style of the 1950’s at the Robinson Estate. It was a sold-out event, and such a fun and exciting day, that many attendees expressed how fabulous and great it was. Friends member Rosanna Grabel enthused, “I love it. I love it. They should do this every year!”

Christmas vignettes, created by the Friends, each more beautiful than the next, decorated the house. Several Christmas trees were adorned … Read More

Hutton Wilkinson Flynn Kuhnert Walk to Elsie’s

The Walk to Elsie’s at Robinson Gardens

Hutton Wilkinson and Flynn Kuhnert have collaborated to create a most intriguing two-volume historical fiction luxury book set: The Walk to Elsie’s and The Walk From Elsie’s, which tell the story of the first ten years of Tony Duquette’s career and the last ten years of Elsie De Wolfe’s life. Tony Duquette beautifully illustrates the books with his never before published drawings from the period. Robinson Gardens is honored to have both Hutton and Flynn speak about their masterful literary work on Tony Duquette and Elsie De Wolfe Friday, October 28th in … Read More

Pasadena Museum of History Quilt Exhibition

Pasadena Museum of History Quilt Exhibition

On April 7, 2016, the Friends of Robinson Gardens took a trip to the Pasadena Museum of History’s exhibition, “Crossing the Atlantic Quilt by Quilt,” which was curated by Maggi Gordon.

The Friends of Robinson Gardens were thrilled to go on this adventure as Maggi is a Friend, one of our very own. A scholar, quilt maker, and collector, Maggi served as our supremely interesting and informative tour guide. Because she curated this exhibit by drawing from her own significant collection of both English and American quilts, she provided us with great … Read More

Wreath Decorating Holiday Party

Wreath Decorating Holiday Party

Brad Austin’s hands-on wreath decorating class became a sell-out after his beautiful floral demonstration class in November. The Pool Pavilion was filled with the scent of fresh pine as Brad taught the group how to decorate fresh wreaths with battery-operated light packs. Each participant created her own unique style using a variety of decorations supplied by Brad. Choices included everything from earthy pine cones and berries to shiny ribbons, festive ornaments and feathers.

The luncheon tables were beautifully decorated with lovely, reusable holiday gift boxes designed by Laureen Bozajian from Gift Box Wrapsody. Laureen and Brad … Read More

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