Palm Forest Restoration

The Friends of Robinson Gardens set an ambitious goal of raising $120,000 for the restoration of the Palm Forest.  It was to be accomplished over two years.  The Executive Committee is most pleased to announce that the goal has been met and exceeded.  Through individual donations, the pledge drives at the 2017 and 2018 Patron Galas and at Tim Lindsay’s Anniversary luncheon, $130,000 has been raised! We are deeply grateful to all of you who donated funds to support this project. You helped maintain the “world class” status that the King Palm Forest has enjoyed, since its inception in the … Read More

Library Restoration

The Restoration of the Library at Virginia Robinson Gardens

The library at Virginia Robinson Gardens has recently been beautifully restored. We are happy to share the following interview with you with Superintendent Timothy Lindsay:

1.  Why did you decide to renovate Mrs. Robinson’s library?

The library was painted about 20 years ago. We were never satisfied that the colors were a good match to the historic hues of the library that Mrs. Robinson had originally painted.

2.  What work was done to bring it back to its former glory?

The detective work began by methodically removing layers of paint, which … Read More

The Remarkable Bougainvillea at Robinson Gardens

The gorgeous bougainvillea at the Virginia Robinson Gardens is always a spectacular sight, eliciting much admiration from visitors to the Gardens. Exploding with red and pink color, the dripping vines flow like botanical waterfalls.

According to Superintendent Timothy Lindsay, “The soft orchid pink, ‘ever-blooming’ bougainvillea growing on the chain link fence on the north end of the tennis court was a rooted cutting that Mrs. Robinson brought back from the Cape (in South Africa) where she was playing tennis with a friend. The pink bougainvillea bract (not a flower) was her favorite color, and she instantly fell in love with … Read More

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project Update

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Update

The restoration of Virginia Robinson’s cardroom is in very capable and talented hands, with artist Laurah Grijalva and interior designer Catherine Fellowes onboard.  It has been a happy collaboration led by Friends member Ellen Levitt and Superintendent Timothy Lindsay.

Over the last month, artist Laurah Grijalva painstakingly stripped the water damaged faux marble walls and started anew. Explaining that the old paint was too damaged to restore, Laurah sanded all the layers to the underlying plaster, and applied a base coat of medium yellow paint.

To simulate the marble, she layered several washes of pale yellow, … Read More

Completed Restoration Projects of 2016

Virginia Robinson Gardens’
Completed Restoration Projects of 2016

Many thanks to the generous contributions from all benefactors of The Friends of Robinson Gardens projects that were successfully completed this year. Here is a list of the 2016 projects:

Restored and conserved the Moorish style, hand painted ceiling in the Solarium of the Pool Pavilion built in 1923, along with restoring the original paint color for the walls and molding in the solarium. Restored the Marble Terrazzo flooring in the Solarium and at the rear terrace of the Main House Restored two 19th century Italianate style Grandfather clocks, one in the… Read More

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project   needs your Pledge at the La Dolce Vita Patron Gala

The newest restoration plan at Robinson Gardens is to restore Virginia Robinson’s cardroom. The entrance to this enchanting hidden room is in the Billiards Room of the Pool Pavilion. A secret door in the wall panel opens up to a winding staircase that ascends into this magical space. The cardroom is ornately painted with motifs that tell a story of other lands and an era gone by. It is accented with delicately painted faux marble walls, columns, trim, and floors.

Unfortunately, time has not been too … Read More

Restoration Projects at VRG

Current Restoration Projects at Virginia Robinson Gardens

The Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom of Virginia Robinson has been repainted to its original color, a dusty rose. The newly painted soft green trim around the door jams now beautifully accents the trompe l’oeil painting above each doorway in the bedroom.

[one_half] Before [/one_half] [one_half_last] After


Upon restoration of Virginia’s vanity room, original faux marble trim that matches the dark green marble counter tops was discovered. The faux marble accent also matches the decorative painting above the vanity doorway. The plan now is to restore the faux marble back to its … Read More

Virginia Robinson: Her goals and her impact on Beverly Hills

Virginia Robinson: Her goals and her impact on Beverly Hills

Nancy Dowey, Virginia Robinson’s great niece, said that it was Virginia’s desire to have Beverly Hills reflect her own sensibilities. Virginia wanted to live in a sophisticated, wealthy suburb like the developers, Rodeo Land and Water Co., had promised in their advertising. She, therefore, led by example. Virginia felt that her home was not only a showcase for her lifestyle but that it was the standard that the community of Beverly Hills should pursue. This level of excellence would have appeared to have been a low bar to cross since … Read More

A Robinson Gardens Fountain Story

A Robinson Gardens Fountain Story

I recently shared the surprise of many first-time visitors to Robinson Gardens, wondering how something so impressive and delightful could be kept such a relative secret. Quickly enough this reaction was overtaken by discovery. The curious silence of the palm garden, the seeming endlessness of the landscape’s jig-sawed sections, its easy mixing of symmetry and asymmetry, the exotic, large trees—and the property’s many fountains with their playful complications, wove together a special elegance and identity.

My work as a fountain designer has allowed me to visit and study many of the world’s famous fountains, and … Read More

English Country Houses: Part II

English Country Houses: Part II

“Tim is truly a treasure for Robinson Gardens; we are so lucky to have him,” exclaimed Marian Power, our Chair of Education Programs, as she introduced Timothy Lindsay, the Superintendent of Robinson Gardens. He proceeded to give us the second part of his lecture on great English Country Houses. Tim attended the prestigious Attingham Summer School Program in Southern England for 17 days where museum professionals visited numerous estates and their magnificent gardens.

Chatsworth, one of the grandest English houses, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, is also one of the most visited. … Read More

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