Water Conservation: How you can do your part

Water conservation: How you can do your part at home and in the garden

The current 35% water conservation state mandate for Beverly Hills has us all thinking about how to make the best use of every drop! There are many options to manage water used to maintain our landscapes. Most importantly we must preserve our mature trees and shrubs. Lawns can easily be reduced in size or replanted with climate appropriate ground cover. We complied a list of ideas that we feel should assist you in your conservation efforts and help you maintain the feel and beauty of your … Read More

English Country Houses: Part II

English Country Houses: Part II

“Tim is truly a treasure for Robinson Gardens; we are so lucky to have him,” exclaimed Marian Power, our Chair of Education Programs, as she introduced Timothy Lindsay, the Superintendent of Robinson Gardens. He proceeded to give us the second part of his lecture on great English Country Houses. Tim attended the prestigious Attingham Summer School Program in Southern England for 17 days where museum professionals visited numerous estates and their magnificent gardens.

Chatsworth, one of the grandest English houses, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, is also one of the most visited. … Read More

Restoration Efforts Continue at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, the “First Estate of Beverly Hills”

The County of Los Angeles has embarked on a multi-million-dollar rehabilitation and restoration of the “First Estate of Beverly Hills.” Before we get to the project list, a little architectural history will provide some background information. The Robinsons’ Beaux-Arts-style Main House, designed and built by Virginia’s father in 1911, has a 6-inch concrete ceiling deck.  Built like a parking structure, it is strong enough to hold multiple cars. The concrete sub-floor of the Main House is equally over-built and is insulated, like the walls of the house, by the ancient Italian method of stacked terra cotta waffle blocks.  The Main … Read More

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