Children’s Summer Garden Party 2016

A Children’s Summer Garden Party at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

On Monday, August 29th, the Friends of Robinson Gardens hosted a preschooler’s picnic for children, parents, and grandparents of the Beverly Hills community to experience a day of exploration and fun that included a children’s tour and luncheon at the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate. The day offered visitors and friends of gardens the opportunity to experience a children’s tour “through the eyes of a child.”

“We started this four years ago,” said Jeanne Anderson, a Friends of Robinson Gardens member, “and the children loved it!” Jeanne added, “Games are organized which encourage exploration and discovery within the unique gardens of the estate.”

After half an hour of play on the Great Lawn, and craft time of making pipe cleaner spiders and coloring animal masks, the children were then divided into color-coded groups. They were instructed to find plants and flowers in that color. They explored the Kitchen Vegetable Garden, the Poulet Palace, the Tennis Court, the Lily Pond, and the Great Lawn. While the children were on their adventure, some of the moms who had not yet experienced the property were given a docent-led tour of the five specialty gardens throughout the estate. Everyone then convened on the patio terrace of the Great Lawn for a lovely lunch. Many thanks go to the VRG docents Denise Newman, Rachel Bieber, and Nancy London who helped with the tours and crafts.

“This year, the Friends of Robinson Gardens is planning to put more emphasis on additional children’s activities at the gardens, and this event was to bring awareness around that,” states Kathy Choi, Friends of Robinson Gardens member.

The day ended with children taking home a goody bag that included a Virginia Robinson Gardens exclusive children’s book Sam’s Super Salad and an exclusive VRG children’s coloring book. Everyone left with smiles on their faces.

VRG plans to have more crafts and activities with children in the near future, so stay tuned-in with the HAPPENINGS @RobinsonGardens!

Post and photos by Diane Jenkins
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

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