Completed Restoration Projects of 2016

Virginia Robinson Gardens’
Completed Restoration Projects of 2016

Many thanks to the generous contributions from all benefactors of The Friends of Robinson Gardens projects that were successfully completed this year. Here is a list of the 2016 projects:

  1. Restored and conserved the Moorish style, hand painted ceiling in the Solarium of the Pool Pavilion built in 1923, along with restoring the original paint color for the walls and molding in the solarium.
  2. Restored the Marble Terrazzo flooring in the Solarium and at the rear terrace of the Main House
  3. Restored two 19th century Italianate style Grandfather clocks, one in the MH museum and the other in the PP. Both now keep perfect time and chime on the hour and half hour.
  4. Restored wall and molding colors, and the oak floor in the Master Suite and Dressing room of the MH.
  5. Cleaned and conserved two early 19th century antique Persian carpets in the MH.
  6. Added exterior lighting, which we are enjoying at the 2016 Patron Gala, providing a savings on rentals for tonight’s event.
  7. Replaced the 5,000 square foot front lawn and created a native meadow, from seed. This helped meet the 33% water reduction required by the city. Additionally, it provides habitat for bees, butterflies and humming birds. The conversion from high water use lawn to wild meadow, watered just once every seven days, has been extensively followed by the Courier, providing positive ways for the community to meet the water reduction mandate, without sacrificing the beauty of our city.
  8. Improved the function and efficiency of the irrigation system that services the 6.5 acre gardens.
  9. Improved the Display Rose Garden by adding historically appropriate companion plants and new tea roses.
  10. The restoration of the pool which was cleaned and had broken tiles replaced with replicas to match the original design.
  11. The pair of early 20th century Japanese Red Crown Cranes that grace the Great Lawn at Virginia Robinson Gardens, were restored to their original elegant stature.
  12. Last but not least, the restoration of the Terra Cotta Lions that oversee the magnificent Italian Terrace Garden.

The Friends of Robinson Gardens deeply values the cultural heritage preserved in this “First Estate of Beverly Hills” and enjoys sharing it with all who visit the house museum and extensive gardens. Thank you again to all for being a part of preserving this historical treasure.

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