Dare to Be Wild

Dare to Be Wild – A must see film for romantics and garden lovers alike

Dare to Be Wild was shown to film distributors and a group of Friends of Robinson Gardens at a private screening on Thursday, January 14, 2016. The film was written and directed by Vivienne De Courcy, who gave a lecture on the making of the film at Robinson Gardens on Friday, January 15, 2016. She based the movie on a true story of an Irish garden designer, Mary Reynolds. Against all odds, Mary becomes the youngest woman to win the ultimate designer’s achievement, the gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. The film was shot in Ireland, England, and Ethiopia, where the cinematographer captured strikingly beautiful images of the locations, including the spectacularly colorful Chelsea Flower Show.

An important element of the film is its use of magical realism, which is shown through Mary’s embrace of Celtic mysticism. The essential theme underlying the film is the basis of Mary’s goal. She believes that modern man needs to understand the importance and beauty of preserving and encouraging wild nature. The film also encompasses another theme about the renewal of nature for the preservation of man. Here, Mary travels to Ethiopia, in part to encourage Christy, the botanist to help her, and in part to assist her love interest in achieving his goal. He is determined to help the local people restore their barren land through his ingenious irrigation project.

Dare to Be Wild is a touching film about the significance of nature and mankind’s relationship to it. It also gives one a sense that nothing is hopeless – in the face of all obstacles, one can achieve the impossible. It is a feel good movie with the added benefit of also being beautiful to watch.

To see a preview of this uplifting film, click here: Dare to Be Wild trailer

To follow the film’s facebook page, click here: Dare to Be Wild facebook page

Interested in distribution? Contact Vivienne De Courcy at: crowsnestproductions.com

Post by Marcella Ruble
Friends of Robinson Gardens member

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