Designers of Legendary Beverly Hills Garden Tour

Meet our Star Designers for the 2017 Legendary Beverly Hills Garden Tour!

The Friends of Robinson Gardens is so grateful to our extremely talented designers who will transform the rooms of Virginia Robinson’s home into settings of inspiring and breathtaking beauty for our annual Garden Tour on May 20, 2017. Don’t miss this glorious and enchanting visual feast!

Interior designer Carrie Livingston of CL Design has an exquisitely sophisticated signature style: a mix of both modern and classic, her love for vintage finds, and her passionate affinity for art. She sources unique pieces from around the world to create stunning residential and commercial projects in destinations as far-flung as Moscow, St. Barts, Sardinia, and Angola. Livingston and her work – known for its seamless fusion of luxury and livability, with bold accent pieces such as custom neon fixtures – have appeared in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Town & Country, Coastal Living and Angeleno, to name a few. [email protected], [email protected], Carrie Livingston will be located in the Library of the VRG home.

Carrie Livingston Designs


Catherine Fellowes’ strong, classic sense and her ability to give clients a high-end style that will survive the ravages of crayon-happy kids has drawn a growing Westside client roster that includes top UTA agents and an Oscar-winning director. Her style features custom-designed furniture, often inspired by antiques in auction catalogs, paired with hand-spun textiles. Fellowes injects classic décor with a breath of fresh air, creating houses that grow up along with the families that live in them. Catherine Fellowes will be located in the Master Bedroom of the VRG home.

Catherine Fellowes


Since 1836, Christofle has upheld its position as the foremost leader in the art of silver. An enduring symbol of luxury and refinement, silver continues to be a primary medium for expression, having served as a showcase for Christofle’s craftsmanship. With locations in more than 70 countries, Christofle is committed to maintaining its proud heritage, uniting time-tested excellence with a spirit of creativity that is always in step with modern trends. Christofle will be located in the Loggia of the VRG home.



In 1997, Helene and Elizabeth An opened Crustacean in Beverly Hills, home of AN’s Famous Garlic Noodles & Roasted Crab™. This is a story of three generations of strong willed, aristocratic Vietnamese women who rose from heartbreaking and devastating loss of home and country to building a multi-million dollar food and hospitality conglomerate. Crustacean was heralded by Esquire magazine as one of the top 10 restaurants and quickly became one of Los Angeles’ hottest restaurants and the spot for celebrity sightings. The family’s secret kitchen and cuisine has been featured in People, InStyle, Town & Country, Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and seen on CNN and Oprah. Crustacean will be serving their signature garlic noodles in the Kitchen of the VRG home, along with a book signing of Mrs. An’s cookbook. Ăn: To Eat shares Chef An’s most beloved dishes, from traditional Vietnamese recipes with classic French underpinnings to modern takes on American food with an Asian twist.

Crustacean of Beverly Hills


Since 1860, Frette has endeavored to produce linens and home furnishings of unparalleled quality. From its bases in Monza and Milan, Frette employs only the finest fibers and most skilled artisans to craft a range of products that have come to embody luxury, comfort, and creativity across the globe. Known for its chic, original design, and inimitable finish and feel, Frette bed linens can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious hotels, from Claridge’s to The Peninsula, as well as in the most discerning private homes, yachts and aircraft. Frette will be located in the Master Bedroom of the VRG home.

Frette linens – Guest Bedroom at the 2016 Garden Tour


Inspired by the small-town spirit of Beverly Hills, Grande Maison de Blanc represents a vast library of offerings from the finest European bedding and bath collections. “The experience is our focus,” states Katherine. The knowledgeable and approachable team creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while helping to create customized selections for projects of any size or style. Continues Katherine, “Our in-house designers provide a complimentary concierge service to ensure you get the best out of your luxury experience.  After all, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed.  Enjoy it!” Grande Maison de Blanc will be located in the Guest Bedroom of the VRG home.

Grand Maison de Blanc of Beverly Hills


Heather James Fine Art offers a rare look into art history’s past and present featuring fine artwork by premier Impressionist, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artists. The gallery uniquely showcases blue chip and cutting-edge contemporary art while maintaining a respect for the integrity of antiquity and classical masterpieces. Heather James Fine Art will be located in the Galleria of the VRG home.

Heather James Fine Art: Willem de Kooning – Two Women


Kenneth Boyer of Atelier (see featured image of the 2015 Virginia Robinson home library design) directs his talents in a multifaceted approach to design. Embracing current trends—while alluding to classic roots, form, and function—he continues to evoke creativity and balance in his work. His passion for interiors is similar to music that captivates you—there is a beautiful melody and rhythm that draws you into every interior. Kenneth Boyer will be located in the Guest Bedroom of the VRG home.

Design by Kenneth Boyer of Atelier at 2015 Masterpiece Garden Tour


Lladró continues to make all its pieces by hand as it did back in 1953, in its only factory in the world. It exports its porcelain creations to over 120 countries on the five continents, yet it has always remained an artisan workshop. After over sixty years of revolutionizing the field of decorative arts with its consummate control of sculpture, the Spanish brand keeps moving forward, exploring the multiple possibilities of this material, with new creations for interiors and home décor in the most different styles. From minimalist interiors to the most sophisticated styles, Lladró offers lighting and decorative creations with a life of its own in a range of different sizes and colors, including customized solutions. Lladró will be located in Ivo’s Office.

Lladró collection at the 2016 Garden Tour


Based out of Beverly Hills, Mindy Weiss is a full-service event planner that has successfully grown her brand to become a lifestyle expert with books, product lines and spokesperson partnerships. Mindy and her amazing team are innovators and trendsetters best known for their creative ideas, unexpected décor accents and exquisite attention to every last detail. She is well-known for creating weddings, parties and baby showers for clients including: Fergie & Josh Duhamel, Ellen Degeneres & Portia Rossi, Jessica Simpson, Lala and Carmelo Anthony, Serena Williams, Russell Wilson and Ciara, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Heidi Klum, Pink, Sofia Vagara and Joe Manganiello, Kimberly Williams & Brad Paisley, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Russell and Nina Westbrook. Mindy Weiss will be designing the Concierge area.

Mindy Weiss


At Natasha Jansz Design, collaborating with our clients on a vision for their home, working through the design challenges that arise, and finding ways to make that vision a practical and exciting reality is always the goal. Whether we are involved in a residence’s planning and construction, or we are simply decorating and styling, we relish the ever-present opportunity to elevate a space through thoughtful and beautiful design. Natasha Jansz Design will be located in the Terrazzo d’Angolo/Back Patio Corner of the VRG home.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Natasha Jansz Design.


Table Art has become a premier destination for discerning shoppers not only in Los Angeles, but across the US and throughout the world, focusing on the concept of entertaining and dining at home. Their collection is unique – presenting distinctive selections from some of the world’s revered brands, such as Meissen and Nymphenburg, as well as from smaller, independent producers with over 7000 objects of desire, function and beauty to choose from on their website. TableArt prides itself on its custom/bespoke capabilities, ranging from tablecloths that are perfectly sized to fit the table to custom sterling silver masterpieces and custom dinnerware services. “TableArt believes in excellent customer service and makes a commitment to return to an era when customer service really meant something. Every one of our customers is special. That is our difference.” Table Art will be located in the Dining Room of the VRG home.

Table Art collection


There is life and beauty in everything, if one only looks deeply enough. This is a guiding principal at Zale Design Studio. Linda Zale possesses a gift for creating mood in interior spaces and reflecting the individuality of its inhabitants. Harmonious colors and textures, homage to historical context, and functional space planning are all significant features of her work. Zale Design Studio will be located in the Morning Room of the VRG home.



Zale Design Studio at the 2016 Garden Tour


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