Don’t Miss Tim Lindsay’s Podcast on the Special History of VRG!

Back in February 2020, Superintendent Timothy Lindsay was interviewed for the podcast Tim said, “Jason, who lives in New York City, first contacted me in January 2020 and said he had been to Garden Tour some years ago. He couldn’t forget it, and loved it so much he felt compelled to help promote us to a wider audience.”

Tim added that Laura Craven who interviewed him in the Main House Library at VRG, “is very interested in promoting our future fundraising events when they are reactivated as well as our monthly educational programs. She graciously promoted the purchase of our centennial book while on the air.”

Enjoy Tim’s wonderful recounting of the social history of the Robinson family and their legendary Beverly Hills Estate in this podcast. Please Google, scroll down to “Arts and Culture Shows” and select episode 9 followed by episode 10 or click on this link, and select episodes 9 and 10:

  1. Jason Charles
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    Thank you so much for sharing this and for giving us so much of your time, the LOST ANGELES podcast is also available on Spoty/Apple and all podcast platforms. Tim is so knowledgeable and his stories are a delight, we would be happy to have him back again anytime. ?

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