Eric Evans Lecture 2024

  1. […] Finally, on April 30th, the Friends hosted the third installment of the Architectural Lecture Series with guest speaker Erik Evens, who gave an illustrated presentation entitled Architecture and the Geometry of Beauty.  Erik introduced the concept of the Mandelbrot Set which is a complex mathematical formula popular for its aesthetic appeal and fractal (never-ending patterns) structures. Through a visual presentation of stunning images, this talk illuminated the complex processes that generate beautiful forms in the natural world and explored how art and architecture reflect the geometry of nature.  The lecture examined core tenets of classical architecture including the moldings “the building blocks of classical architecture” and the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Orders, and how they relate to the Mandelbrot Set.  Many thanks to Friends President Lynn Whitaker for bringing the delicious treats of bagels, muffins and fruit, and to Sharon Gart for photographing the event.  […]

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