Exclusive Shopping Extravaganza benefits The Friends of Robinson Gardens

Exclusive Shopping Extravaganza benefits The Friends of Robinson Gardens

On Monday, September 26, 2016, the generous winners of last year’s Gala auction prize “Rodeo Drive Shopping Extravaganza with Lunch at Crustacean Restaurant,” had their fabulous experience. Brenda Cooke, Adrienne Horwitch, Nancy Krasne, Barbara Marcus, Ricki Ring, and Kerstin Royce enjoyed the specially planned day.

Nicole Antoine, along with help from Leslie Kavanaugh and Barbara Marcus, and Kerstin Royce organized the day with a kick-off at the exclusive penthouse/rooftop of Burberry’s, where the designated shoppers got to sip champagne while viewing the latest off-the-runway Burberry Collection. The ladies were then introduced to Burberry make-up products and were invited to return for make-up consultation and applications in private rooms.

With Burberry gift bags in hand, the guests proceeded to Michael Kors. Entering through the store doors signed “Closed for a Private Party,” the group was able to sip wine and nibble sweets while trying on the newest of the Michael Kors Collection. The privileged shoppers experienced an exclusive fashion show of holiday season attire.

With Michael Kors gift bags, the ladies stopped at Frette to again sip champagne and nibble sweets while finding out about the collections from one of the oldest and most exclusive bedding purveyors. Who knew that beds could be layered with so many luxurious pieces to create a beautiful and seductive haven? With Frette gift bags added to the collection, off the ladies went.

The incredible day ended at Crustacean where the guests were treated to a four-course menu created exclusively for the day by Mama An. Mama An made a special visit to the table where the ladies were enjoying gourmet treats such as Tumeric Grilled Calamari, Carmelized Lemongrass Shrimp, and Layered Coconut Cake with Crème Anglaise.

All proceeds of the Exclusive Shopping Extravaganza benefited The Friends of Robinson Gardens. Thank you to all involved in the special day!

Marian Powers
President, Friends of Robinson Gardens

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