Fellows Revel in Visit to a Stunning Garden

On June 14th, 2022, Friends of Robinson Gardens Fellows members were treated to a morning in the sensational garden of one of our Patron members. Upon entering this oasis (through an elegant, white archway), members were greeted with a lush landscape. Color fills the entrance — from the pink hydrangeas to the multicolored dahlias to forest green trees, it is as if you are in a jewelry store gazing at rows of glittering sapphires. The visual delight only begins there, for the entrance leads directly to a bridge where, on one side, you are treated to the sound of running water from a rock-hewn waterfall and on the other rests a koi pond. If a zen escape from the city is what you’re after, then this bridge is certainly the place to relax. Beyond the bridge is a charming greenhouse replete with colorful potted plants.

Moving back to the entrance, Fellows members enjoyed refreshments on the open lawn and by the backyard lounge furniture. The grounds also boast a real-life secret garden. Brave FRG members ventured down two steep staircases to reach the secret garden and were rewarded for their journey by getting to explore a magnificent, life-size dollhouse filled with antique teacups and other treasures.

Throughout the entire garden, members could be heard oohing and aahing in delight. In fact, the most common words used that day were “gorgeous,” “delightful,” and “tranquil.” I believe everyone left this lovely morning with a little extra spring in their step, marveling at the beauty of nature and the spectacular taste of the garden’s proprietor!

Post by Natalie Gordon
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

Photos by Jeanne Anderson, Adrienne Horwitch, Andrea Layne, Janice Jerde, Kerstin Royce, Elaine Stein, and Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens members

  1. Kerstin Royce
    | Reply

    A wonderful day indeed. So grateful for the invitation.

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