Fred Astaire and the Tea, Scones & Gardens Reading Group

On June 26, 2021, in the Pool Pavilion at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, a lively discussion was enjoyed by participants at a meeting of the Tea, Scones & Gardens Reading Group concerning Fred and Adele Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The book featured was A Step in Time, Astaire’s autobiography. An arduous journey to stardom is traced through his work in vaudeville, then film and his entertainment of the troops in World War II! The movie The Gay Divorcee featured one of the Robinsons’ Duesenberg vehicles as well as the graceful dancing of Fred and Ginger. Anecdotes both poignant and humorous are recounted in the book as determination, hard work, and talent prove fruitful.

Many personal experiences of our members recalled their interactions with Astaire and other Hollywood celebrities. And of course, we enjoyed our tea, coffee, scones, and other appetizing goodies. Join us when we meet again in the Pool Pavilion for a discussion of the next book. Look for the announcement, and please reserve your spot. Meet you there!

Post by Patricia Cowett
Friends of Robinson Gardens Member
Photo by Ron Stein

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