Gingerbread At-Home Decorating House Event Brings Cheer to Participants

We all know December is one of the most festive months. Brilliant baubles bedeck storefronts, the radio (or streaming services) serve up jolly tunes, the colder air (at least by LA standards) is made warmer by the twinkling sound of jingle bells, and people are merrier and brighter! As this palpable cheer fills the world, one of my favorite ways to partake is to decorate a gingerbread house! That is why I am so happy that, for the second year in a row, so many people purchased gingerbread houses and candy kits in support of the Friends of Robinson Gardens.

This year, participants were once again treated to a spectacular, pre-assembled gingerbread house made by local bakery Tutto Bene, delivered with royal icing, figurines of trees, sleighs, Santa, snowmen, and more for their gingerbread house gardens, and deluxe candy kits. I’d like to think that these kits are a gift for everyone – they help raise necessary funds for the Virginia Robinson Gardens while bringing sweetness into the homes of those who take part!

I would be remiss if I did not let readers know about all the hard work that went into putting the gingerbread house decorating together. The “elves” behind the scenes were my mother and FRG member, Lori Gordon; my sister, Victoria Gordon; FRG member Candy Beaver; and Lauren Beaver. Together, we hand packaged every bit of candy and loaded and unloaded every single gingerbread house from the bakery. It was a very large undertaking made possible by the wonderful women I worked with.

It is my hope that the camaraderie and fun behind the scenes was carried through to everyone’s decorating experience. For that is the power of something as small as a gingerbread house – it brings people together in the act of making something creative, fun, beautiful, and sometimes even a little silly. It’s near impossible to make a gingerbread house without smiling. So, I thank everyone who participated for supporting the Gardens and hope that you all are smiling at your sweet creation.

Happy holidays and a very happy New Year to everyone! See you in 2022!

Post by Natalie Gordon
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member
Photos by participants

Below are some behind-the-scenes photos and a few of the decorated houses:

The studio at Tutto Bene where the houses are made and assembled.
Final product from a group effort - participants Lori, Natalie, and William created this house with the help of Debra & Victoria!
Participants Natalie & Kyle's fun house.
Some of the royal icing, ready to be used.
Participants Valerie & Christina having fun with their beautiful house.
Another view of Natalie & Kyle's brightly-colored house!
Young participant, William, with the house he helped create.
Participant Jackie Kassorla's gorgeous, professional-quality house!
An organized set-up for Natalie & Kyle.

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