Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Children’s Wildlife Pond

Front row:  left to right — President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens Patti Reinstein, Founder Joan Selwyn Back row:  left to right — Members Clare Wagner, VP Betty Goldstein, Robin Blake, Elaine Stein, Superintendent Tim Lindsay, former Presidents Maralee Beck, Kerstin Royce, Ellisa Bregman, Julia Klein, and member Keeley Smith

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, a celebration took place in the King Palm Forest of the Virginia Robinson Estate. A gold shovel, held by Patti Reinstein, the President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens and Joan Selwyn, its Founder, scooped up soil signifying the start of the construction of a Children’s Wildlife Pond.

The pond will be a teaching tool for visitors, especially school children. Docents will be able to point out various insects, aquatic plants, and animals that grow and thrive in this type of environment, and the children will learn how communities of plants, animals, and insects rely upon one another for continued life.

Years ago President Ronald Reagan sent a letter to the Friends of Robinson Gardens praising the partnership created between the Friends of Robinson Gardens and the County of Los Angeles. He said it was a fine example of how the public and private sectors can work together. Under Superintendent Tim Lindsay’s expert guidance, we are continuing to work together on this exciting project.

Virginia and Harry Robinson were early environmentalists.

They were devoted gardeners traveling the world to collect plants. They transformed a barren hillside into an historic estate featuring five exquisite gardens. They would love this pond as a point of beauty, as well as a teaching tool for children and the general public.

Post by Joan Selwyn
Founding President and Board Member of the Friends of Robinson Gardens

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