Hands-On Science Education for Children at the Virginia Robinson Gardens


The County of Los Angeles and the Friends of Robinson Gardens are very proud of their hands-on Science Education Program for children.

Held at Virginia Robinson Gardens, the visit includes a tour of five distinct gardens. The gardens are themed with a variety of rare and exotic plant species. The tour complements California’s third grade science curriculum.  The program is free of charge for grades 2 through 4 and is available year-round with transportation and snacks included.

The students learn through hands-on experience by finding, identifying, seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling plants.  They also examine plants and insects under a microscope while learning how to research related information on the Internet.

The children work on exercises as a group and individually. They learn how to cultivate and grow their own plants. The students leave with an introduction to plant diversity, conservation, botany, and ecology. They experience enrichment through the beauty and wonder of plants and gardens. Finally, they gain a greater interest and motivation to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Learning through hands-on experience, referred to as “inquiry based learning,” allows children to become actively involved in and responsible for their learning. It has been found to result in higher interest, more enthusiasm for studying and a broader dimensional understanding of the subject matter. Such a program, as the Science Education Program at Virginia Robinson Gardens, helps children develop more appreciation and understanding of the world around them.

How To Get Involved:

The County of Los Angeles and the Friends of Robinson Gardens are pleased to provide this program to the community made possible, in part, by grants from the Annenberg Foundation, Rose Hills Foundation, Field Family Foundation, Winnick Family Foundation, Callie D. McGrath Charitable Foundation, and the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills. To become a Children’s Docent or to volunteer for a children’s tour, please contact Vicky Huynh at (310) 550-2087.

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