Kamins’ Garden Water Features

Offer a Powerful Sense of Transcendence and Tranquility

Today we highlight the various water features created by the Kamins in their historic estate in Beverly Hills.

The water features throughout the Kamins’ garden are bountiful, beautiful, and intriguing. There’s a sense of discovery and anticipation as you round each bend in the garden path.

As you transverse the Kamins’ garden there’s a fresh perspective as each water feature reveals itself individually. Yet, there’s a connectiveness as they evoke the qualities of music. Collectively, they sound like a symphony.

Some water features are abstract and metaphorical, providing hidden patterns of pure emotion!

Touring the Kamins’ garden with a focus on the many wonderful water features is truly experiential, providing a sense of excitement and discovery.

Longtime benefactors Dorothy & Phil Kamins live in the landmarked Helms Estate. While the home was built by the bakery mogul who brought the first Olympics to Los Angeles, their magnificent gardens are purely the result of the imagination and creativity of Dorothy. The Kamins estate has been showcased on our annual Garden Tour.

Post by Timothy Lindsay

Superintendent by the Virginia Robinson Gardens

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