Laura Alpert and Julia Klein

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Rose Garden Patrons:
Laura Alpert and Julia Klein

The Friends of Robinson Gardens is proud to honor members Laura Alpert and Julia Klein with two beautiful donor plaques installed in the Display Rose Garden, in great appreciation for their very generous gifts to Virginia Robinson Gardens. According to our wonderful superintendent Timothy Lindsay, these lovely plaques have been received by visitors with great fanfare and will perhaps inspire others to share in Julia and Laura’s exemplary philanthropic spirit and support of Virginia Robinson Gardens.

Laura Alpert


A member since 2003, Laura has also been very devoted to Virginia Robinson Gardens. She has been on the board in many capacities – from co-chairing the Gala, choosing gardens for the annual Garden Tour, acting as historian, and doing publicity to being a member-at-large. She has also co-chaired the fabulous boutique at Garden Tour for the past three years.

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Julia Klein


A member since 2008, Julia was introduced to Robinson Gardens by member Jeanne Anderson, “through whom all good things evolve,” Julia added. An energetic and passionate member, Julia has co-chaired the Garden Tour a few times, co-chaired the 2015 Gala, been Vice-President for two years with Kerstin Royce at the helm, and served as President with Adrienne Horwitch from 2014-2016. Julia states, “My introduction to the Botanical Art classes at Robinson Gardens has been life changing for me! It has paired my love of gardening and botany with painting, and it has become a passion.” Luckily for the Friends, she will continue to remain on the Board as Botanical consultant.
[/one_half_last] In conclusion, to quote Timothy’s words to Julia and Laura, “Your generosity and steadfast love for the house and gardens is admirable and greatly appreciated by all who visit. WE could not do what we do, without your generous support.”

We are truly grateful to have such special, talented, and generous donors as Julia and Laura!

Post by Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens member

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