Spotlight on Lisa Gimmy

Each month we spotlight a volunteer, staff member, docent, donor, or sponsor of the Virginia Robinson Gardens (VRG) -- those that have made an impact on the organization. We want to let you know about these wonderful people and corporations that give so much to the Virginia Robinson Gardens and to the community, and what they do that is so impactful.

This month, we spotlight Lisa Gimmy, a wonderful and dedicated Friends of Robinson Gardens Member. A landscape architect, Lisa did a terrific presentation on her career for VRG members and docents. She has also been a Garden Tour hostess.

We asked her these three questions:

1. How did you first learn about VRG, and what inspired you to become a Friend?

I first learned about the VRG by attending Garden Tours. Janice Jerde encouraged me to become a Friend, and I have found it incredibly rewarding to participate.

2. What’s your role -- how do you contribute to VRG?

I’ve been working with a wonderful group of volunteers to prepare a Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS) Report for the VRG. The report is based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and consists of measured drawings, photographs, and a written description of the history and evolution of the garden. The report is going to assist the Friends in achieving House Museum status, and ultimately will be available online on the Library of Congress website!

3. Can you share a favorite VRG memory with us?

There are so many – but encountering this beautiful Sirena on the terrace is a recent discovery. Tim found her sitting on a pillar at the entrance to the property on Elden Way where she would give arriving guests a sense of the delights that lay in store for them!

4. Please add any additional information you would like to share!

I love the layered and idiosyncratic character of the garden, and that it connects us with the history of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.


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  1. Diana Doyle
    | Reply

    Had no idea of the project you are working on at VRG. Kudos to you!!

  2. Clare Wagner
    | Reply

    Lisa, thank you so much for all you are doing ether Gardens.

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