Looking Back with Gratitude

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President Royce

It has been a privilege to have served as President of Friends of Robinson Gardens for the last two years.

My sincere thanks goes to all the Friends, staff, docents and volunteers that have guided and supported me. It truly takes the entire “VRG Village” to move our treasured Estate forward.

I have deep admiration for the dedicated Board of Directors and the talented chairs that have worked so tirelessly on the different committees in order for us to successfully have our projects, programs and events come to fruition.

We were so honored when the City of Beverly Hills bestowed upon us the lovely recognition as Beverly Hills Historic Landmark #2, and now after a 7 year effort to change the EIRs, we are thrilled to be able to expand our hours and days so that we can open our doors to the public. Virginia would have been so pleased that her wishes were heard. Her Robinson Gardens will always be enchanted, just not so hidden anymore.

I thank Superintendent Tim Lindsay, his staff and the County of Los Angeles for their continued support and for their wonderful partnership with the Friends of Robinson Gardens.

Congratulations to our Presidents Julia Klein and Adrienne Horwitch. You are truly a great team. You bring wonderful talents to the leadership role of Friends of Robinson Gardens, and I know that you both are so dedicated to preserving our historic and cultural history. FRG is in good hands!

This is a very exciting time for Robinson Gardens. I wish you and your team all the best.

Warmest regards,

Kerstin Royce

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