Message from President Betty Goldstein

Photo by Josh Johnston

Dear Friends,

I looked at my President’s message of October 2020, and what a difference a year makes! Last October, the Gardens had been closed since March of 2020. Our on-site Children’s Science Program had been stopped, and we had just begun to develop our Children’s Semi-Virtual Science Program. We had not had any educational programs or lectures. Fundraisers for the restoration of the gardens were not held. The gardens were “dark.”

A year DOES make a difference. The gardens are now open for tours; we have a very interesting lineup of lecturers for this fall and this coming spring. We will have our Gingerbread House Decorating event in December. Our Children’s Semi-Virtual Science Program is expanding its reach to more schools, and we hope that the children will be able to return to the gardens to tour this winter.

Of great importance is our workshop on water conservation, “Learn how to Reduce Water While Beautifying Your Yard.” This free workshop is co-sponsored with the City of Beverly Hills. Please click here for more information and registration.

We are beginning plans for our “into the garden” Garden Tour in May of 2022. I will keep you posted on this amazing event.

Yes, a year makes a difference, but we are very cognizant of the safety of our guests and are following all Covid-19 safety protocols.

Thank you all who continue to support us as we learn to navigate this new environment.

With warmest regards,

Betty Rodriguez Goldstein
President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens

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