Message from President Betty Goldstein

“Storms make trees make deeper roots.” -Dolly Parton

Dear Friends,

The tree is a magnificent example of strength and endurance and also gives us hope and courage to persevere — even in the harshest conditions. Its deep roots keep it steady in the most severe storms. “It is in the roots that a tree’s greatest strength lies.”

Like our beautiful coral tree, we here at VRG are lucky to have deep solid roots as our foundation. Our deep roots are our committed membership and the hard working County staff. With Tim Lindsay, Superintendent, at the helm and the hard work of the gardeners, our garden shines. April Walton and Alenoosh Davoodian continue with their duties, assisting in the gathering of information for the repairs, organizing our archives, and readying the gardens for the time when we can open once again.


Please view the photograph of staff as they surround me while we “social distance” in front of the Pool Pavilion:

Our other deep, stable root is the Board of Directors and the membership. Please find in this newsletter the wonderful article by Linda Meadows of the backgrounds of our board officers: Keeley Smith, Vice President, Elaine Stein, Corporate Secretary, Lynn Whitaker, Corresponding secretary/HR, and Evelyn Carson, Treasurer. They bring a vast amount of experience with them. Our BOD is filled with many capable women and men, and we are lucky to be in this strong position. We will speak more of them in the future. You will be impressed and see that the Friends and the Gardens are in good hands with an immense capacity to stay grounded and safe and vibrant. They are our roots that keep us strong.

September is usually the month we hold our fundraising Gala and when we begin bringing school children to the gardens through our Children’s Science School Program. It is normally the start of our Educational lectures. It is the time when the Gardens are bustling with activity, and the fall planting begins.

This fall is different. But our “roots” are strong as we adapt to our new situation and continue to move forward. A big thank you to our membership, the county staff, and our donors.

On a personal note, thank you to all who have sent me well wishes in my new position as President. It touched my heart.


Betty Rodriguez Goldstein
President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens

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  1. Patti Reinstein
    | Reply

    We will continue to grow and thrive under your strong leadership.

  2. Kerstin Royce
    | Reply

    Thank you for these beautifully written words. We may now have to socially distancing, but not in our hearts. Wish you most success as our new President.

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