Message from President Betty Goldstein

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul."

Luther Burbank

Dear Friends,

It’s July and at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, the flowers are flourishing before the summer wilt. The Wildflower Meadow is in full bloom. The water lilies in the Children’s Wildlife Pond, the “Three Fish Pond,” and the “Lily Pond” in the Lily Pond terrace have extended their lovely flower-headed stems. The agapanthus and society garlic provide splashes of purple throughout the garden as do some of the bearded iris and the Peruvian lilies. The cattails in the Garden Terrace stand tall and upright, ready to bloom with their bushy tails.

Maintaining a historical botanical garden at these times is a challenge. The Gardens, even before these latest restrictions, has been very careful of its water usage. In all the water features, the water is recycled. The front lawn was eliminated and replaced with the Wildflower Meadow, which reseeds itself and has limited water needs. The irrigation system is programmed to water just to the needs of the area and is constantly checked for any water leaks. The water-absorbing weeds are being pulled before they spread. (De-weeding is always an issue, and the gardens could use volunteers to help maintain the gardens weed-free. If you are interested in working in the garden, please call our office or visit our volunteer page.)

Another concern for the Gardens and for all of us with our own gardens is the watering of trees. Even though we are limiting our watering of lawns and other plants, the trees need to continue to be watered. Deep watering periodically is the best. Trees at the Robinson Gardens and in our homes provide us with a shade canopy and help cool the ground. In addition, trees are sometimes called the “Lungs of the Earth” as they produce oxygen and filter contaminants in the air through their leaves.

The docent-led children’s science tours returned to the gardens in May and June. At the request of the schools, we are in the process of scheduling many more for the fall. The Friends group of the Gardens obtains grants to pay for the buses that bring the children to Robinson Gardens. Our Semi-Virtual Children’s Science Program team sent 400 of our science units in May to the schools to use before the end of the term. This program will continue into the new school year as well.

We are having some summer events: For those of you who are Society members, a Family Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th. Watch your email for the invitation. If you would like to participate in this event, you may become a Society member by joining here.

Many of you have been calling and asking about bees, how they pollinate, how to produce honey and to have your own beehive, and many more questions. So in response to your inquiries, we have scheduled a lecture on bees for Wednesday, August 17th. An invitation will be sent to register.

And of course, our regular tours continue throughout the summer. Our Virginia Robinson Gardens are such a respite for all of us. I hope you can visit us soon.

Happy 4th of July! I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying this warm and sunny month.

Betty Rodriguez Goldstein
President of Friends of Robinson Gardens


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