Message from President Betty Goldstein


Bird of Paradise is the common name of the genus Strelitzia. The name comes from the resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise. It is the floral emblem of the City of Los Angeles; there are two species, Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia Reginae.

This is a picture of the Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae that is in our Mediterranean garden. We also have some Strelitzia nicolai (the giant Bird of Paradise) in our Australian Palm Forest.

Dear Friends,

September proved to be a bit of a challenge with the very hot weather, and in Beverly Hills and other areas, there were water restrictions because of a large pipe repair. In preparation, all the flower beds were mulched to keep the moisture in the soil as well as other water-saving actions. Thank goodness for the surprise rain that helped keep the plants watered during these hottest times.

With the coming of October, the flowers in our home gardens are fading, and the summer blooms are gone. I took a walk in the Robinson Gardens to see how our gardens were faring. I was so pleasantly surprised. The dry beds (those lining the great lawn) are in full bloom; among the many flowers are the brilliant orange Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily). Espaliered against the stucco walls are a variety of brightly colored roses ranging from pale rose to deep, deep pink, many with the fragrance we so admire in our old roses. In the fountain, at the base of the pool, the water lilies add another charming sight with their stunning purple color and yellow center. As I continued to walk through the gardens, I spotted the grove of society garlic with its lavender-headed flowers moving to the slight blowing breeze. The hydrangeas were still showing their glorious heads and the canna its shocking red.

But we can’t leave all the glory to the flowery blooms; as I exited the Mediterranean garden, I looked back. This garden with its planting of hedges, tall cypress trees and the many different types of perennials in their different shades of green and textures, provides us with a pleasing and peaceful sight. It gives us a feeling of a world in balance.

This is still a wonderful time to tour the gardens, so please register for a tour. In December, we will have a class on roses, presented by rosarian Tom Carruth; look for the listing in our November calendar.

If you missed our Vegetable Garden Class, we hope to have another one during the next planting season. Many more gardening classes are in the planning stages, so keep checking our website for the date and time.

May we all look forward to the holiday season to come.

Betty Rodriguez Goldstein
President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens

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