Message from President Betty Goldstein

be free and reach
for the sun,
live in all your colors
and grow so
-butterflies rising.

Dear Friends,

It’s springtime. Red poppies, white yarrow, marigolds, scarlet flax, golden lupine, cosmos in red, white, and pink -- a profusion of color and textures and a delight for the eye and for the senses, the wildflower meadow above is the garden at the entry of the Virginia Robinson estate. This meadow, once a lawn, was transformed into this beautiful field of wildflowers and provides a refuge for the hummingbirds, the sparrows, bees, and butterflies. The earth underneath is teeming with insects and worms that enrich the soil.  This is truly a haven for nature’s wildlife.

Always a little bit sorrowful in the winter, the wildflower meadow bursts into its own glory each spring. It is such an affirmation of life as it reseeds and replenishes itself, a sign of survival and consistency. This resonates with all of us as we continue our volunteer work here at the Virginia Robinson Gardens.

This converted lawn, which brings much joy, was planted by Tim Lindsay, the Superintendent of the estate, to be mindful of water usage and to be water-wise. We will have a water-wise consultant available for members who would like advice on how to turn their garden into a water-wise garden. Watch for the email announcement coming soon.

Our children’s semi-virtual science program has completed its pilot study and is now being distributed to schools in the Los Angeles City School district to those who wish to participate. This new group of over 400 children will continue to increase as more and more teachers enter the program. The teachers have been able to use this free program virtually and will be able to use it in the classroom as well. A new Plant Unit is almost ready to be released just in time for spring.

As the gardens open, we are planning new events under the covid-19 restrictions. Watch your email for these announcements. Tours are now available; check the website for reservations. Join by becoming a Society Member.

The wildflower meadow thrives, as do we, here at the Virginia Robinson Gardens.  Let us share it with you.


Betty Goldstein
President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens       

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