Message from President Patti Reinstein

Dear Friends,

I have decided that Summer should be given a speeding ticket! It whisked by us in the blink of an eye. But as we know, lurking behind every summer is a fall just waiting to happen… and with the fall comes a new season for the Friends of Robinson Gardens. I welcome you back and hope that that you are refreshed and recharged and ready to renew your commitment to this incredible estate. In partnership with the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, the Friends has been given the responsibility for the restoration, renovation, and an active Children’s Science Program that serves our community and maintains this historic treasure in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Committees have been active all summer long. Our Membership Committee has worked diligently on our first handbook and other materials to integrate new members into the Friends. They have simplified brochures and planned several activities so we can get to know each other. Our Marketing group has been putting together several short videos to encourage the public to come for a tour, learn about the Friends and consider having their events at our venue. Our Education Chairs have already booked several speakers to pique your interest. There will be something for everyone from the arts and culture to gardening and lifestyle. Don’t forget our horticulture and Botanical Painting classes.

Patty Elias Rosenfeld and Kerstin Royce co-chaired our spectacular 2019 Patron Gala …Rick’s Café Américain which was held on September 14, 2019. On this extraordinary evening under the stars, we presented our Spirit of Beverly Hills Award to a dynamic and deserving couple, Julia Klein and Dr. Andrew Klein for their generous support of Robinson Gardens and the greater community at large. It was an exciting and exotic evening.

Our amazing Superintendent Tim Lindsay has spent 25 years watching over Virginia Robinson Gardens. His patience and guidance has brought us to new levels. This year, your Patron Pledges will build a Children’s Wildlife Pond which will certify us as a Wildlife Habitat Sanctuary by the National Wildlife Federation. Make your pledges early for this exciting project!

Be our guests! Our Membership Luncheon will be held on October 11. This is the perfect time to welcome our new members and catch up with “old” Friends at the same time. Sign up for a committee or two. Tour the gardens and learn about special opportunities, educational lectures, classes, and other activities that are offered by the Friends throughout the year.

Garden Tour will be held on May 16, 2020 and will be chaired by Betty Rodriguez Goldstein and Luke Anderson. View privately owned gardens and return to the home of Harry and Virginia Robinson like you have never seen it before…dressed in floral finery and presenting a feast for the senses. Don’t miss this breathtaking day!

As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer throughout the year. We need your help. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Opportunities abound to give in ways great and small. You can do small things with great love. It feels so good to do something for others.

The Friends of Robinson Gardens has a strategic plan. It is called “Doing Things.” The benefits work both ways!

I am looking forward to getting to know you.




  1. Erech Christ Nimrod
    | Reply

    LOVELY President Patti Reinstein, you are indeed a Gracious, Intelligent President and a Unique Woman. It is such a Good Idea to build a Children’s Wildlife Pond which will certify us as a Wildlife Habitat Sanctuary by the National Wildlife Federation. The Children are our Future, and investment in our Children is the Best use of God’s Good Money. Keep up your Awesome work Patti.

    Proverbs 18:24 “A man [and woman] that hath Friends must shew himself [and herself] Friendly: and there is a Friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

    Truthfully, Your Friend E. Christ Nimrod

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