Message from Superintendent Timothy Lindsay

This fall we started to build a “Children’s Wildlife Pond.” It is the first new design element in the garden since Virginia’s passing. This body of water will be a rich ecosystem perfect for teaching science lessons. Children will be able to get acquainted with tadpoles, frogs, and turtles, along with visiting exotic migratory birds.  Water lilies and cattails will also be grown to study plant and flower anatomy.

Trained docents will teach students using the aquatic plants growing in the pond. The important history of paper made from the papyrus plant will be included in their lesson. Invented around 100 BC in China, paper today still serves as an important link in educating people through the printed word.

This project, when completed, is the quintessential “teaching tool” needed to fulfill the education and enjoyment of the young minds that visit and learn from our garden every day.

Please consider donating to this exciting project in the name of a young person in your life that would benefit from a visit to the “Children’s Wildlife Pond.” An investment in this pond extends our guardianship to generations to come and will create immeasurable positive outcomes in the children’s lives and for our planet.

VRG has recently been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as an official “Certified Wildlife Habitat Site. This certifies that VRG will provide a home for all the wild creatures that make our lives whole!

Post by Timothy Lindsay
Superintendent of Robinson Gardens

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  1. Stephanie Rose
    | Reply

    Hi Tim,

    It’s been a while! Hope you are well. Who is building the pond?

    Stephanie Rose

  2. Erech Christ Nimrod
    | Reply

    Honorable Superintendent Timothy Lindsay, building a Children’s Wildlife Pond is Outstanding, especially since it is the first new design element in the garden since Virginia’s passing. The Children’s Wildlife Pond is a Great way to continue to Honor LOVELY Virginia. She is with Us in Spirit. Keep up your Good Work.

    Sincerely, your Friend E. Christ Nimrod.

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