Members Luncheon 2015

Friends of Robinson Gardens’ Members Luncheon 2015

Patty Elias Rosenfeld and Betty Rodriguez Goldstein, co-chairs of the 2015 Members Luncheon, along with the help of Juliette Ambatzidis, regaled the Friends of Robinson Gardens with a beautiful party held at the gardens on October 2nd, which welcomed nine new members. Pictured above are six of our new members, from back row left to right: Diana Doyle, Kathleen McGillivray, and Shawna Clark. Front row left to right: Christine Centolanza Hansom, Deidra Gordon, and Linda Schwartz.

The luncheon took place on the “Great Lawn” at Robinson Gardens. Everything was sheer perfection! Strains of violin music greeted the guests. The tables were beautifully decorated with floral arrangements and highlighted several female botanical artists from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The party favors consisted of four picturesque botanical watercolor notecards, which had been painted by one of our very own Friends, Suz Landay, and 3 former instructors Cristina Baltayian, Margaret Best, and Elaine Searle. Lush floral arrangements complemented the lavender tablecloths on the tables that dotted the lawn. The theme of lavish opulence continued inside the house where the dining room table was set with exquisite china from Rosenthal, Versace, and Bernardaud. Each place setting was unique with its matching colored crystal, Baccarat butterflies, and silverware. This visual feast for the eyes was provided by Mayfair House; a store in Los Angeles carrying vintage and contemporary china, jewelry, and linens, among other gifts.

The guests were served a delicious lunch by The Kitchen for Exploring Foods. Peggy Dark, the founder of this wonderful catering company, was honored at the luncheon. Retiring after 31 years, she gave a speech about the very special relationship she shared with Robinson Gardens. Peggy was given several gifts in appreciation – a print of a botanical illustration of a rose by Marcella Ruble, an honorary membership to the Friends, and the book, Beverly Hills’ First Estate: The House and Gardens of Virginia and Harry Robinson.

In addition to honoring Peggy, Presidents Adrienne Horwitch and Julia Klein gave a lovely speech welcoming the new members. Timothy Lindsay, our wonderful superintendent whom we are so lucky to have, also welcomed the members. The luncheon ended with a drawing – a beautiful flower arrangement of roses donated by florist Brad Austin, which was won by Maralee Beck. The guests also went home with a very elegant set of Cartier notecards and a set of cards of gorgeous botanical illustrations done by the members. The original watercolors are part of a growing Florilegium, which is a collection of paintings that will document all the plants in the Virginia Robinson Gardens.

Thank you to our co-chairs for giving us such a memorable, beautiful day. Every detail of the event was exquisite and delightful!

Post by Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens Member


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