Our New Friend and Garden Tour Vendor Virginia Newman

Photo Courtesy of Sam Yocum

Virginia Newman, Owner & Partner of Pennoyer Newman, LLC, creators of Distinctive Garden Pots Cast from Estate Originals, is pleased to present Virginia Robinson Gardens with the complete restoration of one of its original urns that was placed over the swimming pool pavilion area. From that restored piece, she has created a mold to cast four replicas for us to install in place of the originals that are cracking and are in disrepair. This gift from her is something that helps us celebrate the endurance of history in our garden and is something her firm has specialized in for the past 35 years.

Photo by Emina Darakjy

To preserve the legacy of the oldest and most distinguished garden objects of past centuries, many of Pennoyer Newman planters have been cast from the company's founder's family, J.P. Morgan, as well as those of dear family friends and neighbors, including Clay Frick and Daniel Guggenheim.

Photo by Josh Johnston

Virginia became a Friends member of the Virginia Robinson Gardens this summer at the suggestion of March Wisely, member of VRG and a longtime client of Virginia’s. Just before the pandemic began, March introduced Virginia to Timothy Lindsay who was reviewing onsite planters in need of serious restoration. It was determined then that the Pavilion Urn needed to be saved on a first priority basis, so Virginia offered her services this year, when she met Diane Sipos, and together they made this happen on behalf of the gardens. In addition, she also cast the popular monkey garden ornament many members have wanted to buy over the years. As a garden, we get a percentage of the sale of each of these monkey ornaments, and so far, two have already sold with four more available.

Pennoyer Newman opened a new office in Santa Monica just days before Covid and decided to close their New York offices to stay in California. We hope you'll stop by to see them there and/or see their entire collection online at www.pennoyernewman.com

Pennoyer Newman, LLC
2665 Main Street, Suite 260
Santa Monica, CA 90405
310-392-1393 [PST Calls]
212-839-0500 [EST Calls]
917-842-0825 [Cell]

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5 Responses

  1. Carla Niles
    | Reply

    I felt so fortunate to be a guest, view the magnificent house and gardens, buy a French candle made since 1646 and see and touch these castings of an original artifacts by Pennoyer Newman. The history behind them and current beauty makes my small sunny patio shine. I loved the two JP Morgan discovered on his trip down the Nile River! Thank you.

  2. Patti Reinstein
    | Reply

    Virginia…I am so happy to be the proud owner of one of the monkey ornaments. I have placed it so that I pass by it many times a day. It always makes me smile and remember both Virginias warmly.

  3. Marcella Ruble
    | Reply

    I am so impressed by what you are doing. I work in ceramics and would love to learn how to make better molds for my own work.

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