Palm Forest Restoration

The Friends of Robinson Gardens set an ambitious goal of raising $120,000 for the restoration of the Palm Forest.  It was to be accomplished over two years.  The Executive Committee is most pleased to announce that the goal has been met and exceeded.  Through individual donations, the pledge drives at the 2017 and 2018 Patron Galas and at Tim Lindsay’s Anniversary luncheon, $130,000 has been raised! We are deeply grateful to all of you who donated funds to support this project. You helped maintain the “world class” status that the King Palm Forest has enjoyed, since its inception in the mid-nineteen thirties.  We are so appreciative of your support.

Phase One of the King Palm Forest restoration project included the installation of a new state-of-the-art irrigation system and new water main. This resulted in a 20% reduction of water use. The existing plantings have responded well to the new efficient irrigation system by sending out new luxurious deep green foliage.   Additionally, excess palm trees in the forest were edited out of the landscape.   Now sunlight penetrates deep into the Palm Forest and supports the newly planted tropical plants growing on the forest floor.  These colorful foliage plants, with spicy fragrance, welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Phase Two, which is in progress, will create a “sunny glade.” An area of the forest will be reconstructed into a lovely glade filled with blue and burgundy grasses that will sway in the breezes, acting much like a body of water moved by gentle winds. The King Palm Forest will still offer the cool, peaceful retreat we have come to love, but will be enhanced with exotic colors and fragrance.

A heart-felt thank you again to all who contributed to the Palm Forest Restoration project.  If you wish to contribute, go to

Post by Tim Lindsay and The Executive Committee



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