Daria de Koning
Daria de Koning

Friday, February 1, 2019

Daria de Koning’s talk “The Value of Beauty” explores with stunning imagery how the value – whether monetary or spiritual – of art is deeply personal and mercurial making price tags subjective in the eyes of the beholder. Using examples such as a 135,000 year-old eagle talon necklace to Thomas Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy,” she questions our perceptions of intrinsic value. Is the eagle talon necklace of little value without noble metals or precious stones? Why is Gainsborough’s work worth millions more than the canvas and paint used to create it? Daria looks at beauty in nature and – her love – mineralogy with an artist’s eye for the extraordinary patterns in the polished dome of fossilized coral or the otherworldly play of light flashing within Mexican blue opals. How would you put a price on what stirs your soul?

Daria de Koning is the singular force behind her line of handcrafted fine jewelry based in the creative enclave of Silver Lake, California. The daughter of an artistic Dutch immigrant and a fifth-generation American, Daria spent her childhood summers traveling from her family home in New York City to the Netherlands, the center of modern design. This juxtaposition of European modernism with a formal American upbringing deeply influenced her design sense and is at the core of her unique aesthetic.

Inspired by her love of painting and impressionism, Daria saw in cabochon-cut stones a pure color source unaltered by the glitter of faceted cuts that would allow her to “paint with gems.” Tapping into precious stones like free-form emeralds and star sapphires for their intensely saturated hues, but also the unusual and highly refractive ones like rainbow moonstones and labradorite brings Daria’s work to life.

Friday, February 1, 2019
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