Robert S Anderson: Making an Impact

Robert S. Anderson: Making an Impact on the Children’s Program at Virginia Robinson Gardens

The Friends of Robinson Gardens is very grateful to its generous donor Robert S. Anderson. As President of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, Mr. Anderson was instrumental in supporting the expansion of the Children’s Program at Virginia Robinson Gardens. Thanks to Mr. Anderson, the Beverly Hills Rotary Club also generously gave funds to restore the Orchid Greenhouse. This picturesque, historic greenhouse was originally a gift from composer Les Baxter and is situated in the Kitchen Garden where vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are planted. Through the very popular school tours and the annual Children’s Science Fair, the children learn about botany and healthy eating in this garden. A major donation to the Children’s Program, which includes bus transportation, was Mr. Anderson’s most recent contribution. He has thus made a direct impact on enriching the lives of so many.

The great-grandson of Margaret Anderson and the grandson of Stanley Anderson—the founding proprietors of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Mr. Anderson is the author and editor of The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 Years and Beverly Hills: The First 100 Years. In his work to preserve the unique heritage of Beverly Hills, he has served as President of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, member of the City of Beverly Hills Recreation and Parks Commission, and director of the Beverly Hills Tournament of Roses Committee.

As part of his exhaustive research on the early history of Beverly Hills, Mr. Anderson has also lectured, written numerous articles, and amassed an extensive archive of materials related to the city. As the Official Historian for the city’s Centennial, he has consulted with the City of Beverly Hills on the Master Plan for the future of the city. He lives with his wife Jeanne in Beverly Hills, and they are substantial supporters of Virginia Robinson Gardens. Virginia Robinson Gardens is very lucky to have such caring, dedicated and remarkable benefactors as Robert and Jeanne Anderson.

If you wish to donate to the Children’s Program at Virginia Robinson Gardens, please contact Lynda Curland in the Friends Office at (310) 550-2068 or click the “Donate Now!” button below.



Post by Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens member

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