Children’s Science Fair Earth Day 2016

Children’s Science Fair on Earth Day at Virginia Robinson Gardens

On Earth Day, April 22, 2016, the Friends of Robinson Gardens invited children from group homes, together with their counselors, to a day of fun and education at the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate and the botanical gardens in the heart of Beverly Hills.

With the help of wonderful docents and volunteers, the children were introduced to the history, artifacts and exotic plants that Virginia and Harry Robinson had collected from all regions of the world.

Docent showing the children the sgraffito in the spandrels of the arches on the Pool Pavilion walls.

In the Italian Terrace Garden, the children marveled at the Three Frog, the Neptune and the Musical Stairs Fountains. They were taught elements of conservation and ecology. While admiring the lovely citrus trees, they were served lemonade and cookies.

The children’s favorite was the King Palm Forest. Some were heard to say they felt as if they were on another planet, as they looked up at the 80 foot palms that shade the gardens. A fun surprise awaited the visitors at the end of the King Palm Forest with the David De Vito Magic Show. Not only did items disappear from the garden, but also from some of the children’s pockets.

Magician David De Vino making balloon art for the children.

In the Kitchen Garden, home of 7 very popular hens, the children learned how important worms and compost are for our soil. This location is a natural for a discussion about how food affects our health and the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diets.

With their appetites being aroused, it was time for lunch. The fabulous Taco Guys were ready on the Tennis Court with tasty tacos, salads and fruit. The DJ Celebration entertained us with great music to which some of the children showed us some “cool” moves.

After lunch, it was time for the Science Show. “Up, Up and Away” is always a favorite of the children. Smoke, water, and air experiments amuse the children, but the flying ”rockets” always get the biggest applause.

Children enjoying The Mad Science Show

Goodie bags filled with fun, interesting, and educational items were presented to all the children along with super hero posters. These posters are generously donated by the studios and brought to us every year by Marc Dyson.

Marc Dyson wrapping up a movie poster for one of the children.

From the sweet thank you notes that we received from the children and from the homes, we know that this event was truly a day that they will remember.

Thank you to all of our docents and volunteers!

None of this would be possible, but for the generous donations from the Friends of Robinson Gardens.

*Volunteer Opportunity at The Virginia Robinson Gardens*

If you enjoy interacting with children, grades 2 – 4, we invite you to join our children’s docent program. Our team of trained docents lead children through planned activities that foster an understanding of home vegetable gardens and a respect and curiosity for the natural environment. The Virginia Robinson Gardens provides the outdoor class room, for children from schools county wide, to participate in this valuable educational program.  If you are interested in joining our children’s docent program, call April at 310.550.2087. Training introduction and a review for current children’s docents will be held on August 24th, from 10 am to 2 pm, lunch will be provided. 

Please RSVP so we will know how many for the luncheon.

Post by Kerstin Royce
Co-Chair, Science Fair
Friends of Robinson Gardens member

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