Each month we will spotlight a volunteer, staff member, donor or sponsor of Virginia Robinson Gardens (VRG)—those that have made an impact on the organization. We want to let you, the reader, know a little bit about these wonderful people and corporations that give so much to the Virginia Robinson Gardens and community, and what they do that is so impactful.

This month, we spotlight April Walton, our Collections Curator at the Virginia Robinson Gardens.

How did you first learn about VRG and what inspired you to become involved?

Two years prior to my employment here at VRG, I actually came across Robinson Gardens in a California Garden Book. At the time, I was interning for Dominguez Rancho Adobe; I was looking for garden spaces that I could learn more from. Unfortunately my busy schedule did not permit for me to volunteer. A friend told me about a position for Los Angeles’s County Department of Parks and Recreation, so I applied. When I began the interview process, Robinson Gardens gave me a call. I looked them up immediately and realized that this was the garden that I wanted to volunteer my time for. I was even more excited because it brought back childhood memories of shopping with my mother and grandmother at Robinson’s Department Store in DTLA. So everything came back full circle; I felt like it was meant for me to be a part of this special place.

 What’s your role – How do you contribute to VRG? 

My primary role is as the Collections Curator. I am responsible for the care of the Museum’s collection of artifacts (that includes maintenance, archiving, exhibits and working with restoration and conservation firms). Things don’t just stop there: I have been fortunate to develop an amazing relationship with the ladies of The FRIENDS of Robinson Gardens. I partner with them for VRG’s fundraisers, education and special events. Last but not least, I partner with Tim Lindsay to help maintain that the gardens function smoothly from an administrative and operational standpoint.

 Can you share a favorite VRG memory with us?

As favorite memories goes, there are so many — Garden Tour I would say. 2018 marks my 4thGarden Tour. Everyone is involved, and all of their hard work produces such a spectacular and magical event.

Working here is one of my best experiences. I have learned and continue to learn from everyone that I encounter. VRG is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, and I am so happy that I get to be a part of it.




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  1. Laureen Bozajian
    | Reply

    Thank you for highlighting April’s many talents and contributions. I have attended and participated in a many events (lectures, as a boutique vendor and garden volunteer), April is the epitome of “grace under pressure.” She always has a smile on her face and is extremely helpful in the most challenging circumstances. The Gardens is lucky to have such a dedicated and deserving staff member. Keep up the great work – kudos to you, April!

    • April Walton
      | Reply

      Thank you so very much Laureen, such an amazing compliment.



  2. Kerstin Royce
    | Reply

    Professional, smart and beautiful…that is April. She is also an amazing dresser. It is so much fun to see her in her exquisite vintage couture. We are so lucky to have April at Robinson Gardens.

  3. kerstin royce
    | Reply

    Professional, smart and beautiful…that is April. She is also a fabulous dresser and I love to see her in her exquisite vintage couture outfits.
    We are so fortunate to have April at Robinson Gardens.

  4. Sue Fado
    | Reply

    Dear April,
    You are the best at what you do and also a friend to all. In the ten years that I have been at VRG we seem to run so smooth thanks to you! I am honored to know you. Sue Fado

  5. Connie
    | Reply

    Dear April
    You are a naturally friendly person. You were very helpful in answering all of my questions and it was a true pleasure to have met you. I look forward to doing my client’s headshots there this coming Fall. It’s going to be a fun two hours, can’t wait!

    ~ Connie
    of Connie Edward Photography

  6. Rosanna Grabel
    | Reply

    I always have fun with April, and I always look forward to seeing her latest vintage outfit!! Here’s to April!!💐May she continue to bloom
    In our beautiful VRGarden! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹,
    Rosanna Grabel 💖

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