Thoughts from Friends: Rodney Kemerer

After years of searching, my wife and I stood in front of our dream home. As we looked at the house from the walkway leading to the front door our shared excitement was evident. I think we were even holding hands. This was it, finally something to commit to as a “forever home.” We looked at each other and then, in an instant, without saying a word, we both knew we would never buy this house. It turns out, we each had very different reasons that revealed both a pragmatic and emotional side of our personalities and touched on a big piece of Los Angeles history.

“Henry E. Huntington’s Library of Libraries” and the Tea, Scones & Gardens Book Club

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, the Tea, Scones & Gardens Book Club met to discuss Henry E. Huntington’s Library of Libraries at The Virginia Robinson Gardens. In a round of expressing an adjective or phrase to describe the personality of Mr. Huntington, each attendee got to describe our renowned collector: determined, focused, parsimonious, competitive, and solitary. Further, we had fun telling about our own collecting tendencies! The Huntingtons were friends of the Robinsons and had donated a night blooming Organ Pipe Cactus to them, which adorns a corner of the estate’s exterior. Elaine, Ron, and Patricia related additional observations as a result of their docent tour of the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, courtesy of Diana Loomis just a few days before.

Our Garden Tour Star Sepideh Mianaby

From time to time, we highlight “Our Garden Tour Stars” -- landscape architects, florists, and interior designers who have participated at our annual Garden Tour and Showcase Estate at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. We want to let you know about these very talented designers, their inspirations, and their creations. This month, we are featuring Sepideh Mianaby of Ivory Floral Events. At the 2023 Garden Tour, the multi-talented Sepideh designed the most gorgeous creation of a mannequin “dressed” with pink roses, foliage, and blue and white feathers which “wowed” the attendees in the Great Hall of the house.

Spotlight on Carrie Ketchum

Each month we spotlight a volunteer, staff member, docent, donor, or sponsor of the Virginia Robinson Gardens (VRG) -- those that have made an impact on the organization. We want to let you know about these wonderful people and corporations that give so much to The Virginia Robinson Gardens and to the community, and what they do that is so impactful. This month, we spotlight Carrie Ketchum, a wonderful Patron member of The Friends of Robinson Gardens. A very talented filmmaker, Carrie won 13 Clio awards for her advertising work!