Book Club Meeting on Walt Disney a Hit

Refreshed with delightful treats provided by co-chair Elaine Stein and Shelly Roth as well as with the assistance of Curator April Walton on behalf of the Gardens, the Tea, Scones & Garden Reading Group gathered on the Back Terrace of the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate on June 18, 2022. A lively discussion was enjoyed by all about the book Walt Disney: An American Original. As is becoming a common occurrence, we had several attendees with special memories to share of their connection with Walt Disney as trusted employees, contractors or devotees

Fellows Revel in Visit to a Stunning Garden

On June 14th, 2022, Friends of Robinson Gardens Fellows members were treated to a morning in the sensational garden of one of our Patron members. Upon entering this oasis (through an elegant, white archway), members were greeted with a lush landscape. Color fills the entrance — from the pink hydrangeas to the multicolored dahlias to forest green trees, it is as if you are in a jewelry store gazing at rows of glittering sapphires. The visual delight only begins there, for the entrance leads directly to a bridge where, on one side, you are treated to the sound of running water from a rock-hewn waterfall and on the other rests a koi pond. If a zen escape from the city is what you’re after, then this bridge is certainly the place to relax. Beyond the bridge is a charming greenhouse replete with colorful potted plants

The Rotary Club of Beverly Hills Honors Jeanne and Robbie Anderson with a Generous Grant to VRG

The Rotary Club of Beverly Hills has awarded the Virginia Robinson Gardens a $10,000 grant in honor of Jeanne and Robbie Anderson. Over the span of many years, the Andersons have been very generous and substantial supporters of the Gardens. When Robbie was President of the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, he was instrumental in supporting the expansion of the Children’s Program at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. Thanks to Robbie, the Rotary Club also generously gave funds to restore the Orchid Greenhouse. This picturesque, historic greenhouse was originally a gift from composer Les Baxter and is situated in the Kitchen Garden where vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers are planted. Through the very popular school tours and the annual Children’s Science Fair, the children learn about botany and healthy eating in this garden

Message from President Betty Goldstein

Dear Friends, It’s July and at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, the flowers are flourishing before the summer wilt. The Wildflower Meadow is in full bloom. The water lilies in the Children’s Wildlife Pond, the “Three Fish Pond,” and the “Lily Pond” in the Lily Pond terrace have extended their lovely flower-headed stems. The agapanthus and society garlic provide splashes of purple throughout the garden as do some of the bearded iris and the Peruvian lilies. The cattails in the Garden Terrace stand tall and upright, ready to bloom with their bushy tails