2016 La Dolce Vita Patron Gala

The Friends of Robinson Gardens “La Dolce Vita” Patron Gala 

Reminiscent of Virginia Robinson’s legendary parties, “La Dolce Vita” was the Italian-themed Grand Soiree for the VRG Patron Gala event this year. It was a beautiful, elegant celebration, with every detail thought of to perfection. Glamorously dressed ladies and gentlemen in black tie were greeted by servers offering delicious hors d’oeuvres and champagne. A wine tasting was provided by the charming owners of Accasbel Wines, Nino O’Brien and Jennifer Varsak, who also generously donated the wines for the Gala dinner. On the second floor of the Pool Pavilion, a gem … Read More

Hutton Wilkinson and Manfred Flynn Kuhnert Lecture

Hutton Wilkinson and Manfred Flynn Kuhnert on the Fabulous Lives of Elsie de Wolfe and Tony Duquette

The fall education lectures got off to a fabulous start with a very exciting conversation by Hutton Wilkinson and Manfred Flynn Kuhnert on Elsie de Wolfe and Tony Duquette. Sitting in the Pool Pavilion at Virginia Robinson Gardens, Flynn exclaimed, “It’s so wonderful being here today in this gorgeous house and this intimate room. I love house-museums!” The effervescent duo were such fascinating speakers that they held their audience spellbound.

Wilkinson and Kuhnert have just written a book of historical fiction based on … Read More

Kelly Comras Lecture on Ruth Shellshorn

Kelly Comras Lecture on Ruth Shellhorn: Mid-Century Landscape Architecture

Landscape architect, lawyer and author Kelly Comras gave a very inspiring lecture on Ruth Shellhorn, one of the most well respected mid-century landscape architects in Southern California. Kelly did extensive research and interviews with Shellhorn, before she passed away in 2006, for her book Ruth Shellhorn. “A woman of grit and determination, Ruth faced a number of gender based hurdles which she handled with much grace, in a field dominated by men,” Kelly explained. During her 57 year career, from 1933-1990, Ruth created close to 400 landscape designs, ranging from private … Read More

2016 Membership Luncheon

2016 Membership Luncheon at Virginia Robinson Gardens

Chaired by Joan Selwyn with the invaluable assistance of Patti Reinstein and Kerstin Royce, the Membership Luncheon at Virginia Robinson Gardens, with 60 members in attendance, was a marvelous event! It was a beautiful day, and strains of violin and cello music of the Pacific Coast Strings greeted the guests, many of whom were wearing lovely hats. The theme was “The Hollywood Bowl.” Virginia Robinson loved this outdoor musical venue, and Friends of Robinson Gardens President Marian Power explained that when the Bowl was suffering severe financial hardship during the Great Depression, Virginia … Read More