Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project   needs your Pledge at the La Dolce Vita Patron Gala

The newest restoration plan at Robinson Gardens is to restore Virginia Robinson’s cardroom. The entrance to this enchanting hidden room is in the Billiards Room of the Pool Pavilion. A secret door in the wall panel opens up to a winding staircase that ascends into this magical space. The cardroom is ornately painted with motifs that tell a story of other lands and an era gone by. It is accented with delicately painted faux marble walls, columns, trim, and floors.

Unfortunately, time has not been too … Read More

Children’s Summer Garden Party 2016

A Children’s Summer Garden Party at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

On Monday, August 29th, the Friends of Robinson Gardens hosted a preschooler’s picnic for children, parents, and grandparents of the Beverly Hills community to experience a day of exploration and fun that included a children’s tour and luncheon at the Virginia Robinson Gardens estate. The day offered visitors and friends of gardens the opportunity to experience a children’s tour “through the eyes of a child.”

“We started this four years ago,” said Jeanne Anderson, a Friends of Robinson Gardens member, “and the children loved it!” Jeanne added, “Games are organized … Read More

Hutton Wilkinson Flynn Kuhnert Walk to Elsie’s

The Walk to Elsie’s at Robinson Gardens

Hutton Wilkinson and Flynn Kuhnert have collaborated to create a most intriguing two-volume historical fiction luxury book set: The Walk to Elsie’s and The Walk From Elsie’s, which tell the story of the first ten years of Tony Duquette’s career and the last ten years of Elsie De Wolfe’s life. Tony Duquette beautifully illustrates the books with his never before published drawings from the period. Robinson Gardens is honored to have both Hutton and Flynn speak about their masterful literary work on Tony Duquette and Elsie De Wolfe Friday, October 28th in … Read More