An Afternoon with Tennessee Williams – Community Theatre Comes to Robinson Gardens

An Afternoon with Tennessee Williams at Virginia Robinson Gardens
What is the first ingredient for an entertaining and stimulating afternoon at the historic Virginia Robinson Gardens?

You guessed it — Sebastian Galvez, in a one-man theatrical performance about the life and loves of the legendary author and playwright, Tennessee Williams. The performance was directed by Paul Sand, an award-winning actor, and Founder of the Santa Monica Public Theatre.

Sebastian Galvez captivated the audience as he drew them into the turbulent life, loves and relationships of the author.

The Pool Pavilion’s intimate room was the perfect setting to tell the story of William’s roller coaster success, and finally his accidental death due to drugs and alcohol.

Sitting at Mrs. Robinson’s desk close to his typewriter, his right hand constantly clutching a glass of bourbon, Sebastian drew us into the emotional ups and downs of this talented yet tortured man’s life. All the while, William’s insightful and self-depreciating wit brought moments of laughter from the audience.

At the end of the sold-out performance, guests were treated to a beautiful buffet table with delectable open face sandwiches and President Marian Power’s famous lemon and key lime pies. Andrey Yun’s eye-catching floral centerpiece completed the elegant setting.

We once again thank our Education Chairs, Patti Reinstein, Kerstin Royce and Ellen Lipson for planning such a successful and extraordinary event. This was the first theatrical performance to be held in the Pool Pavilion which was built in 1924 and modeled after the Villa Pisani in the Tuscan region of Italy.

Post by Joan Selwyn
Founder of the Friends of Robinson Gardens

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